Womb Wisdom: Power of Shakti Weekend with Anaelle Garcia

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WOMB WISDOM: Power of Shakti 

Weekend with Anaelle Garcia 

FRIDAY July 15,   7-9pm
SAT/SUN July 16 + 17,   9am -5pm


Are you ready to fully embody the truth of who you are? To embody the soulful, sensual, loving, Shakti filled woman or man that is your birthright? If so, you are invited to take a deeply soulful, enlivening, loving journey into the 18 pathways of the Shakti Circuit and experience the 7 gates or magnetic pathways that lead into your sacred womb/hara space.
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The 7 gates of the Grail were taught by Mary Magdalene and the Priestesses of Isis for thousands of years. The 18 pathways are based on multiple forms of Tantra yoga found in the Indian, Tibetan and Hebrew sacred traditions.

Originally part of one teaching before they were separated piece by piece. Over a 13 year period, journeys to 60 countries, hundreds of sacred sites, initiations by teachers known and those choosing to remain unknown, Padma Aon received the wisdom of multiple lineages and brought the pieces back together so that we are now able to ignite the Shakti circuit.

This course offers you the opportunity to release deeply held wounds, to embody more of your soul, to unify the power of your sexual creative energy with Divine Love, to bring your inner feminine and masculine energies into balance. An awakened civilization is founded on harmonious, soulful relationships between man, woman and the Divine.

Awakening Shakti, the Divine Feminine, the vital flow of living love and creative life force will bring you immense feelings of self love, joy, passion and gratitude for feeling so alive inside your sacred body.

CindyAnaeleGarciaWombWisdomABOUT ANAELLE GARCIA:
A little about me and my journey of Awakening Shakti…

I currently serve humanity as a Womb Wisdom and Power of Shakti Facilitator. I also serve as a licensed marriage family therapist. I have a unique gift of extrasensory perception that allows me to facilitate deep healing and release of trauma. A few modalities I have been trained in are; EMDR, clinical hypnotherapy and Infant Parent Mental Health.

A few years ago I was married, working on a doctoral degree, working to provide security for myself and my family, but found myself deeply dissatisfied with the life I had created. I was born with the gift of being able to see energy, receive premonitions and completely feel people empathically. I felt like I walked in two worlds, the mundane and the spiritual world. One day my two worlds collided and I had a life changing experience that led me to an amazing teacher, Padma Aon and his teachings of Womb Wisdom and Power of Shakti.


“I took the Power of Shakti workshop twice, and each time I want deeper into feeling and releasing more deeply my wounds of separation from source. Anaelle Garcia is a gifted intuitive and womb/hara healer who has the ability to create a safe Sacred space for a deep connection to Self, Source and to dive into healing journey of soul Remembrance.I am so grateful to you Cindy for the Divine love and unconditional compassion that you embody.
This workshop had opened the way me to connect with my Divine Feminine essence in mind, body and Soul..
-Carla Silva

“Have you ever felt so much gratitude pouring in that you were on the floor in tears because it was so overwhelming? I fell out of my Womb and Shakti practices and reset myself last weekend. Since then miracle after miracle has happened that make me wonder why I ever gave it up? It’s like this physical manifestation of life has nothing – there is absolutely no earthly/human weight that can trump the miracles that are the Divine. I’m so sorry for walking away – though there were many realizations in that as well; thank you for the reminders… Thank you Thank you Thank you so much to my amazing parents, my mom and dad, I didn’t realize how much you really care and how generous you really are. I am so sorry for feeling otherwise. Thank you my Divine Mother Father for never leaving my side and for helping me realize that serving You is all there is.”
Diana Trojanowski

“Just came out of a weekend of WOW. The Power of Shakti workshop facilitated by Cindy Anaelle Garcia was life changing. As many of you know, I’m trained as a therapist, participate in my own therapy, completed tantra teacher training, and have traveled many spiritual journeys. And this work, this dive into the Divine Feminine, blew me wide open in a way nothing else has.
Im in such gratitude for Cindy’s wisdom and heart and dedication to serve humanity.
To my men and women friends, this is a gift to give yourself that will change your life.” ~ Jacquelene

“i have always considered myself a servant to the Goddess. But this was just something I spoke about, and it was me mostly serving the women to express their Goddess self. Never before had I been in presence of so many incredible Goddesses in their kindness, beauty, magnificence, wisdom, humility, creativity and vulnerability.

Being a man who has gone thru so much in life has created an armouring on my heart. At first when going thru this exercise, I could just feel my heart being pressed upon, but this incredible Goddess actually melted my heart armour in a way that I could feel pain. My own pain. My granite heart gave way to become softer thanks to the power, presence, kindness, genuine love and creativity of the Goddess.

I have always said the highest power is vulnerability. And vulnerability is the ability to feel everything But again for me this has been less than tangible, and more theoretical.

During this incredible workshop with the sweet tender and powerful presence of Cindy I actually started feeling! I mean this is huge for me. I have done so much work in so many workshops, and I really never felt much. Its like my armouring, and my trauma was way too much for me to ever actually feel anything no matter how much work I have done, and continued to do.

As a man I so highly highly highly highly recommend this work to everybody especially men. We so desperately need this work, the planet needs us to do this work. if you want to get more info I recommend you to go tohttp://diaryofawoman.com/ to check it out.

I attended this workshop out of curiosity and my love for my friend, but now after the 2 days. I feel so incredibly blessed to have made this decision. I wholeheartedly believe I have found my new path, my new tribe and my new calling. Such a glorious space to be of service to the Goddess ”

“The Power of Shakti workshop shifted me in profound ways that I never expected. Having taken countless workshops and moving along my spiritual path for the past 25 years, I felt that I had hit an impasse in my growth. One weekend at the Power of Shakti brought me to a whole new level of presence, connection, joy, inner clarity and a deepened commitment to my work as soul alignment healer. I have been waking up each morning singing since that event! This tells me that I’ve found my center with God — yay!! I can’t wait for the next level of training with Cindy Anaelle Garcia!! She is a spiritual warrior who embraces the deep feminine with a grace and ease that is deeply inspiring. Thank you, Cindy and all of your teachers!”
-Dr. Ginger Mills

“I attended Cindy’s Power of Shakti workshop in Half Moon Bay. All I can say is WOW. It was life changing. Cindy created such a beautiful, safe place for me and other attendees to learn and awaken our feminine power. I would recommend her workshop to both women and men to connect to the Divine Feminine. Such a powerful force. And Cindy is a fantastic teacher! Thank you so much Cindy!


For the last two years, I have been on a profoundly transformative journey of deeply feeling, revealing, releasing and remembering the truth of who I AM, as a woman, mother, daughter, lover, friend and as a soul embodying love, wisdom and power here on earth. I was numb and not truly alive before this amazing journey into my womb and Shakti. I was in a slumber, acting and behaving according to a set of beliefs that were not true to my soul. I operated from a place of fear, parental programming and what was polite, acceptable and politically correct.

I was asked to surrender and take self responsibility for my wounds and projections. This was not always an easy or graceful process. As I enlivened the Shakti Circuit and journeyed through the 7 gates into my womb, I began to transform the dense blanket of beliefs and patterns, transmute my deepest wounds and release stifled Shakti to reveal the powerful, loving, truth of my soul and my sacred gifts. I discovered through my own embodiment, the true creative, loving power of Shakti, the feminine flow of creative life force that enlivens me. I learned to honor myself as a soulful, sexual, Shakti filled woman grounded in my true center of power, my womb.

As I reconnected to my body, my natural rhythms, to Gaia, to God and allowed Shakti to flow freely through me, I dissolved the attachment I had about who I should be and freed myself from a self imposed prison and began living the truth of who I AM. I am still unveiling deeper truths and will spend the rest of my living life embodying more of my soul, honoring these sacred teachings and the Shakti that flows through me.

Shakti is a deeply transformative power that is greatly needed on the planet right NOW and I am committed heart and soul to facilitating the awakening of every man and woman that chooses to embody the truth of who they are and live a juicy, passionate, loving, soulfully embodied life! Shakti is the vital flow of living love and it is time for us to reclaim this, to fully embody this and live our soul’s fullest potential! It is our birthright to fully embody and express Shakti and it is time to WAKE UP!

I have been masterfully trained as a Womb Wisdom and Power of Shakti Facilitatior by Padma Aon – Womb Wisdom and supported by my amazing soulfully embodied Sisters and now it is my turn and my honor to serve your Soul and I do this with immense love, joy, compassion and gratitude.
12112483_10207937114649337_8265042286285592580_nFRI July 15  7-9pm  (open to public)
SAT/SUN July 2 + 3  9am -5pm  (workshop registrants only)

Class size is limited to 18
Bring 2 pillows and a blanket for your comfort. We will engage in solo + partnered somatic and breathing practices that are non strenuous and can be done by all levels of physical ability.
Full tuition: $333.00 (some financial assistance available)
To REGISTER and hold your place  just click here to contact Maureen or call 206 855 5836 with questions or for info on lovely LODGING in the area if you are coming from off Whidbey Island.
Contact Maureen if you are certain this workshop is for you but FINANCES are prohibiting you from registering, we will discuss various possibilities for you to be able to join us.
The address and other preparation materials will be provided once you register.
Thank you ♥

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