Winter + Spring WonderLand at Butopia

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horse-beach In the PresentMovement of NOW the New Year of the Horse trots into an open-field of energetic, prosperous + graceful possibility.

Are you ready to ride freely into the creation of your dreams come true? 

Are you ready to let the horse of your body + soul divinely transport your BEING? 

Are you ready to allow the blossoms of your brilliant true nature be revealed by your RADIANT + fully embodied presence? 

What does 2014 hold for you?

We offer the following gifts + invitation:

JOIN US as we dance freely ~ awakening the PresentMovement with synergistic + artful programs created especially for YOU. If you are ready to co-create in ways brilliant + satisfying beyond your wildest + fondest dreams; embodied + authentic + imaginal + sensual ways.  We have called together some of the greatest embodiment masterminds of our time to facilitate our journey. 

Feb 7th Zipper Fusion Dance 6:30-9:30pm  $10-20 

Feb 9th SoulBody Visioning Day with Momo (photography+body in nature) 11-4pm  $85

March 21-23 ~ Improvisational Contact: Exploring the Intuitional Body + Creating Relational Dance as Deep Personal Metaphor with Stu Phillips from Bay Area 

April 18-20 New Self New World with Philip Shepherd from Toronto 

Let’s create unabashed mythic rites of BEAUTY together! 

If this path appeals, register for a retreat + subscribe to newsletter for updates on our amazing 2014 season of facilitated 15 person intimate off the grid + on the land group retreats + trainings.

Let me support you to cultivate the RADICAL INTIMACY of delicate + deep listening to exactly what is birthing through our bodies …from Universal Source into manifest life; and to clearly reveal the PresentMovement messages in all of your RELATIONSHIPS with self, other, the natural world + the divine.  

Allow me to facilitate your healing transformations from wounds + weakness to wisdom, wonderment + confident clarity to create your dream come true. 

If this appeals, try an initial 30 min free PresentMovement™ or LifeArt Synergy Session to explore what is possible with Momo.  Her tool box is vast in all areas of soulful creativity + embodied manifestation.


Let the land + sacred sanctuary of a retreat at Butopia enchant you. Ask about our Peace of Mind Satisfaction Guarantee that you’ll cultivate a deeply felt sense of your truth, release useless mind/body baggage, realize fulfilling + natural ways of being you.  This year we will be crafting new sacred earthworks, gardens + dance grounds for conscious engagement with the land. We are accepting exchanges + partnerships for that. 

Please Inquire about an AFFORDABLE + restful custom designed retreat; ceremonial or artist residency for one or more beloveds in the sacred solitude of our land + embodied art spaces.

For your custom retreat, we offer referrals to local supportive EXPERTS for personalized + SOULFUL crafting of weddings, rituals, rites of passage + all kinds of holistic healing or spiritual guidance; devising + directing performance, film + photo sessions; art or writing residencies; EXQUISITE island places to stay, eat, pray + play.


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