WILD Tame WILD Contact Improvisation on the Land with Brad Stoller + Katherine Cook

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WILD/Tame/WILD ~ SEPT 18- 20

i-wPzsqFh-LContact Improvisation on the LAND

with Brad Stoller + Katherine Cook

 A natural evolution in our dancing that embraces the shifting terrain from comfort to the unknown and back. As we grow as dancers, the world of the known expands and things that were wild become tamed and we seek the next mystery or adventure. Being informed by nature forms us, stretches us beyond our walls and opens us to untapped potential. Returning to the walls of our studio integrates and soothes us from which we can reach out and explore again. Join us for a wild/tame ride as we open the doors of the studio literally and figuratively and go outside with our bodies and outside the box of our dancing.  Discovery is only one step away when we realize we made the doors that separate us from nature. 

~ FRI Sept 18  7-9:30pm ~ featuring live performance by instructors
~ SAT Sept 19 10am – 5pm
~ SUN Sept 20 10am – 5pm
Optional Sat Eve Potluck, Campfire + Community Play 🙂

Brad writes about creating this new CI project and workshop:
“Here’s what I’ve been working on lately and have juice for. It’s around seeing our bodies as animal, having these states of flight, fighting and freezing or acting dead, things shutting down. That social engagement is literally a process of mobilization of sound and movement – speech and dance. Poetry or the ART of dance is in the process of shedding or overriding social learned behavior and allowing communication to take place at high speed, high sensory level and in all directions. The poetry of contact is a multi axial and multi volume affair. We deal with negative space as athelets, darting and anticipating the ‘open’ space before it arrives and transforming our bodies to fit anywhere small or large. When does sound become music? Movement become dance? Language become poetry? Wild Balance is based on the fact that when I’m moving with the flow of a partner and everything is happening all at once, I feel totally still inside, the more I allow the wildness, the more I am in balance. So taking this a little further, the wildness is something that appears to the outside viewer, it is not what I’m experiencing. The balance is a result of really NOT freezing into defensive societal norms of interaction.Perhaps we can schedule outside time and daylight ‘free’ time that makes it a spacious workshop. the WILD/BALANCE can be just that wildness and balance of inside/outside – high energy and downtime, male/female – balance like the yin yang symbold not through moderation but through the inantiadromia of fullness calling on the opposite. (A jungian term).”

Brad-Stoller.-Photo-by-Keith-Allan-Sprouse-300x240Brad Stoller has been leading CI workshops and classes since 1983. He studied under the talented male dancers of “Mangrove” a SFbased collective. He has taught in festivals in Europe and the U.S. as well as Africa and teaches CI at the University of Virginia and other colleges around VA. He is a regular host and teacher at the Moab Jam in Utah every spring. He has never wained in his awe of CI since being exposed to it over 35 years ago. He is a master teacher of the Alexander Technique, a black belt in Aikido. and a practitioner of “3 Principles” guiding people to their innate well-being and health.

Katherine Cook WildTame Wild Katherine Cook is a dancer and teacher living in Seattle WA. She facilitates the Seattle Underscore, has worked with artists such as Nancy Stark-Smith, Karen Nelson, Cyrus Khambatta, and has taught and performed at CI festivals around the US. When not dancing, Katherine is writing and thinking about the practice of teaching or exploring the interface between the untamed outside world and the wild inside one hiking around the U.S.  med at CI festivals around the US. When not dancing, Katherine is writing and thinking about the practice of teaching or exploring the interface between the untamed outside world and the wild inside one hiking around the U.S.

OPEN to ALL LEVELS of Movement Experience

FEE: $180 Early Bird Paid by Aug 31 ~ With a Beloved just $320 for 2 ~~ SAVE $100!!
$225 Regular Fee from Sept 1 ~ With a Beloved $420 for 2.
Whidbey Locals: Inquire about rates and FRI night only option

Lodging options available: $30 pp/ night in local homes. Other affordable lodging through Air BnB and local motels or B+Bs. Inquire with Momo for the best options. Camp or sleep on floor rustic style in studio (no kitchen – outdoor privy) $15 pp/night

Contact Maureen Momo Freehill by clicking HERE, by FB message or  206 855 5836 for more info and To RESERVE your space today!

Limited to 14 participants.

PayPal option available on request



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