The Way of Embodied Love~Butopia Mini-Retreat in Nature

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The Way of Embodied Love~Butopia Mini-Retreat in Nature

SATURDAY~~FEBRUARY 23~~ 12:45-415pm at Butopia on Whidbey Island 

An Embodied Arts Mini-Retreat just for couples & singles who wish to delve into heART of LOVE in the BODY & NATURE. The SOMA~Sanctuary of Moving Arts will be our pleasure home, the surrounding land & beauty of nature our guidance & inspiration. Join us for this time out of time as we explore the movement of soul through a devotional artistic & creative process….with the BELOVED.
Participants will learn new practices & tools for sacred embodiment (including the Significant Other & 12 Senses Practices) that can deeply enrich & enliven loving relationships with SELF, OTHER & NATURE and be applied personally & professionally with artistic, healing & spiritual practices; family, work & day to day life.
Contact Maureen Momo Freehill to register thru FB 
or at 206 855 5836 
Suggested Donation for space & teachings
$35 in Advance $45 Day Of Retreat
Options for overnight stays & work exchange as well. 
Inquire freely!

‎”What happens if I let my heart open NOW?”..What happens if I stop doing and just pause?”….. Such a pause constitutes a form of prayer–a union with the Oneness of Being….Much as a surfer continuously falls through the wave that rises up beneath her, you ground in the still point, falling continuously through the present, as it moves through you…Rather than speak of a willingness to give yourself up to the wave of the present, we might speak of LOVE: a love for the stirrings of the present that awakens your whole Being; a LOVE for the dance of the present that transforms everything; a love for the stillness of the present which, like the depths of the sea, silently receives the message of each ripple on its face, and of every living being that moves within it; and a LOVE for the abandon that enables you to give yourself up to the wild peace of the world as it endlessly runs its course.” ~Philip Shepherd in book New Self New World pp 200-202


  1. Sorry for my bad english (i’m french) and i like your projects, activities.
    I would like to learn more about MomoButoh.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Gaelle…thanks for your comment, appreciation & interest. For more info please explore our past blog posts & subscribe to our blog in the upper right corner of this page. We also offer SKYPE sessions for those at a distance like yourself. The first one is free to find out more. Let us know if you would like to schedule something. Warmest Regards, Momo

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