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Sessions: One-to-One LifeArt Mastery and Gene Keys Coaching, Butoh Lessons, Dream Crafting and all other consultations about our services are always FREE for the first 20 min no-obligation session to investigate how we can best serve your needs and dreams. Contact us today.

Workshops: Occasional 1-5 day Intensives for everyBODY on Subjects like: Butoh Dance; Shamanic Voice, Embodied Arts; Somatic Building & Dream Crafting; Dance in Nature; Scoreography; Inter-Modal Arts; Performance Making; Improvisational Culinary Arts; Fine Wood & Metal Working Skills, Yoga, Contact Improvisation.

Mentorships: Intimate and ongoing one-to-one LifeArt Mastery and Gene Keys Embodiment and Navigation coaching to integrate The PresentMovement™ or DailyDance and other Embodied Arts practices into life and manifest your dreams.

Internships:  Maureen Freehill, MFA & John Lorette both offer one on one professional guidance and hands-on experience for everyBODY, and especially performers and craftspeople, intending to make a fulfilling & sustainable life in the Embodied Arts.

Classes: Butopia hosts ongoing Embodied Arts practices for everyBODY at SOMA (Sanctuary of Moving Arts) on Whidbey Island. Classes include: ButohContemplative Dance & Bon Body Refuge PracticesAuthentic Movement , Contact Improvisation , Ecstatic & Freeform Dance Waves.

MomoButoh Dance Company: Scroll down to bottom of this page and check out our Blog for details on how to join MomoButoh Dance Company.

Retreats:  Individual and group retreats for renewal & transformation with Embodied Arts and Nature for everyBODY. Or, hold your own Embodied Art workshops or retreats here.

Residencies: Guest Artists in Residence for developing own work and/or sharing and teaching with community at Butopia. Recent residencies include: Butoh, Human Mandala Yoga , Nia & Contact Improvisation Teacher Training.


Heath & Nutrition Enhancement Products by Life Force International Bringing Balance to your Body and Life.

Fine Designs in Wood & Metal by Commission Bringing Beauty of Form & Function.

Fine Designs for Objects and Experiences to Enhance EveryBODY EveryDAY in EveryPLACE.


Gift beloveds with any of the goods or services listed above to support them in the life of his/her dreams!


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Join Our MomoButoh Dance Company: The group blog is co-created & authored by the MomoButoh Dance Company “Inner Circle” team of member/practitioners. It is the external blossoming of a deep-rooted and long developing inner practice. With the guidance and facilitation of Artistic Director, Maureen “momo” Freehill MFA, this company grew from the hearts, bodies and souls of a committed group of individual artists. In the tradition of Maureen’s long time sensei (mentor) Kazuo Ohno, each of us seeks to engage in soulful creativity, communication and transformation through our butoh dance offerings to the world. We have vowed to intimately unite our dance practices with all aspects of our daily cycles of life & death. We hope you will subscribe to this blog as a gateway into our thriving community and consider diving in and becoming an active member yourself. We invite you to join our ongoing training, projects and performances that enrich our lives and world with the good, true and beautiful.

Feel free to contact Maureen “momo” anytime for a free introductory MomoButoh Dance session (in person, by phone or skype) to explore whether this might be part of YOUR path of LifeArt Mastery.