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An angel told me, “The only way to walk through fire without getting burned is to become fire.” Drew Dellinger

It seems there is so much peace within our hearts and at the same time such a passionate and wild fire.

While care-taking for my elderly mother, who is recovering from a femur fracture and surgery in her nursing home, I am reminded of the necessity of  an open-heart of compassion while holding onto an inner fierceness while being her advocate.
There is such a tendency, it seems, to over medicate seniors with morphine so they will not experience any pain. But how is the pain determined and what is too much medication? How do you determine pain when the patient is unable to speak because there is too much medication? If there is too much medication, my mom is ‘snowed,’ as they call it, so she can not eat or drink – which would mean a certain dwindling into dying.
This dance was inspired by the challenge I have been having of finding balance for my mom’s well-being so she could move into a place of healing and so she would not pass away because of a broken leg – from the reprocutions of being overly medicated.
This dance was a prayer for her, and for all the elders who are in pain, as they move closer to their end of life, towards the realm of light, spirit and the realm of mystery… May they find inner peace on their journeys…

Here, at my childhood home, building a fire in a rusted old steel drum I found in the garage, on a frosty star-filled night in the woods behind the house –  dancing the wildness of the inner flame – the fire of the soul’s inner sanctum.
Grateful for our dancing journey here with Momobutoh Company…
New Years blessings to you all!

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  1. I really feel these issues after being with my father through his death journey. Blessings, dear sister.

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