Sacred Geometry of the BODY

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KATACHI: Sacred Geometry of the BODY 

A Butopia Mini-Retreat with Maureen Freehill, Ann Amberg
& others in the field…

SUNDAY JUNE 10th ~~12pm-5pm 

This retreat is designed for people of ALL levels of non-experience, anyBODY.  Come on in~ the space is wonderful!   Love, Momo

SPECiAL NOTiCE: Early Bird Registration by June 1st

REGISTRATION/RSVP 24hr Deadline Sat June 9th @ noon
Location: Butopia Land in Freeland, WA (call for directions)

Description:  Sometimes referred to as “SHAPE,” there is no direct English translation for “KATACHI” which encompasses the aesthetic & philosophic essence of Design in Japanese. Join us in the SANCTUARY Of Moving Arts for a rare embodied journey into the very foundation of our evolution~as we explore the essence of shapes, colors and patterns that underly all of creation. We will be guided by profound lineages of cosmological physics (eg. Nassim Haramin, Brian Swimme), sacred art & philosopy (eg. Egyptian, Japanese Butoh, Nakota Sioux) as we engage in intermodal art cycles of drawing, collage, writing, music and movement. The serene vitality of our secluded forest sanctuary will support your adventure through inner realms of soulful sensation & imagination toward a conscious emergence in embodied artful harmony with our biosphere.

About Our Teachers: Maureen “Momo” Freehill, MFA is the co-founder and intuitive designer of Butopia and its off-grid, 11-sided sacred geometric SOMA~Sanctuary of Moving Arts where we will be meeting. She teaches in the dance lineage of butoh founders Kazuo & Yoshito Ohno. Her facilitation of embodied & intermodal art cycles incorporates principles essential to a day to day sustainable life of dancing freely & harmoiously with the true NATURE of human & non-human alike.
Ann Amberg, M.C.S. (Masters in Contemporary Spirituality) is a South Whidbey Island based artist, visionary and educator; a “cross pollinator” locally and globally who develops and manages integrative programs about sustainability, art, science, soul exploration and inner well being. Much of her current work is inspired by her work with evolutionary cosmologist and philosopher Dr. Brian Swimme; especially Ten Archetypal Shapes she developed based on the Powers of the Universe.  See

Suggested Donation to Support the work at Butopia: $ 30 Early Registration by June 1st or $45 After June 1st

Details: Please dress in layers for cool & warm, eat beforehand, bring closed top waterbottle….we will remain deep in the “zone” for most of these precious 3 hours. Stay for a short integrative social tea time following the retreat. Let us know if you would like to stay for potluck dinner as well. 

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