Momo on Tour 2015 ~ An Embodied Adventure with the Landscape

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In 2015, I toured, adventured and danced in more diverse global locations than ever before, given a similar time frame. The pace, variety and distances have been both intense and fulfilling while my experience has been more relaxed and open than ever as well.  Upon returning home to Butopia, I find myself diving deeper still into THIS ground and my own inner being as well…holding all the shifting in foreground within a vast silence.

For those who want to see, hear, know a bit more about my body + soul voyaging these past 10 moons I offer a simple image gallery with a few words about my outer experiences that hopefully also illustrate some of the inner ones as well.  Below is a series of slideshows from various chapters… Just hover your curser over the image to advance or retreat to next photo.

FEB-MARCH Washington State dances… moved from igniting spring with the bonfire of Candlemas to the dancing light on shores of Whidbey Island into the gorge-ous valleys of Hell’s Canyon and Palouse Falls in SE Washington.

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APRIL/MAY- Next I voyaged south to Costa Rica to teach Butoh and be Performance Director and Gene Keys consultant for Divine Playground for a month. It was an unforgettable, beautiful, challenging and wild immersion in a group of passionate creative co-hearts.

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JUNE ~ Touched back in so briefly to Butopia to be with family visiting from afar. Then, off again for this most refined spiritual and embodied Summer Solstice voyage to Cortes Island, BC for the Seven Sacred Seals Retreat with Gene Keys author Richard Rudd. Most amazing was to at last meet face to face, aura to aura the loving supportive Gene Keys Voyagers community we’d been hosting and communicating with for so long virtually. Finally we were REAL people in a REAL place … it was SO fulfilling, life affirming and powerful.

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JULY AUGUST SEPT… Passed graciously and mostly in devotion to the NatureMoves Essential Embodied Arts Training with Solo and Group Site-specific Scores in the Colorado Rocky Mountains followed by Green River Canyon WilderDance trip near Moab, UT. Here are some highlight images from these dances on the LAND:

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AUGUST was a stellar 3rd annual Dance Camp Northwest – a most delightful landscape and celebratory community for free form collaborative embodied arts. All photos in this gallery are by the amazing multi-artful Jens Wazel. Click here for the full Jenz DCNW 2015 Slideshow .

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One of our peak creative DCNW projects can be seen in films below as the engaging voice + motion that transformed military bunkers into tabernacles of delight.

OCTOBER — ROMANIA VENUS RETREAT ~ Theme of GENE KEY 13 – Discord – Discernment – Empathy…. Deep listening and holding space for becoming all I received….Will also soon add images and stories from adventures in Rome and creating Flower of Life NEW dance project on the shoreline in Wales.

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NOVEMBER – 11/11 9th Annual BUTOH Ritual to honor the Spawning Salmon at 11:11 at Mile 11 on Highway 11….

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  1. Beautifully photographed journey. Heart oil and Spirit Alive in these images.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    Much Love to you all
    Diana Whakapapa in New Zealand

  2. Heart-warming images displayed in a way that communicates beautifully the essence and breadth of intention in your life expression. Thank you, Momo, for sharing these gems . I am enriched on seeing them. Bless you.

  3. Intricate and touching. I see your Loving gift

  4. What a Wonder Full ride you take us on ! Thank you Mo Mo for all you Do !

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