Mentoring + Coaching

Need OPTIMAL direction for your mind and body transformation?

“Whether we’re a lawyer, a mother, a father, a gardener, an entrepreneur, a creative, a healer, a mystic, a social activist, a self-help author or a spiritual teacher, our Souls are continually calling us deeper.”

– From Red Hot and Holy by Sera Beak

One on one Connection

One on one Connection

We will clarify your optimal path and take practical steps to embody your natural genius ~ in a dance of life guided by your true self.

As a certified mentor + coach my mission is to facilitate a direct experience of your true nature and co-create a fulfilling soulful life on your own terms. YOUR TRUE NATURE includes vibrant presence in your full field of intelligent awareness + response;  mind, body, emotions + vibration.

I offer personalized resources with coaching + mentorships both remotely and in person. My step by step program serves to identify and manifest your soul’s true calling through transformative artistic + mind/body work with customized ritual crafting.  This tried + true system clarifies purpose, dissolves obstacles, invents solutions and ignites motivation. This program is for ANYONE at a point of CHANGE: yogis, healers, students, artists, creative activists, teachers, parents, coaches + caring professionals.

If you want to feel fully engaged with life + are ready for outstanding support through your major LifeArt upshift, contact me for your free PresentMovement™ or LifeArt Synergy Session today.

“Since working with Momo, I find that everywhere I go, I see opportunities to dance – to interact with the environment in a soulful way and that every place becomes an opportunity for expression. I am noticing beauty in so many places I would have overlooked in the past..”

~ Lee Atwell, Yoga Teacher + Owner of



About Maureen “Momo” Freehill, MFA

30 years of professional LifeArt experience mentoring, coaching, teaching & performing locally & internationally in all aspects the field; she facilitates solutions + mastery for both beginners + seasoned professionals. 

“Maureen is an extraordinary mentor who dances with light, wisdom and beauty and seeks for her clients to “dance freely” and in joyous celebration of life. She is unafraid to support me in areas of difficult life transition, hardship and challenge… like a modern-day shaman who celebrates one’s strengths while honoring one’s vulnerabilities and challenges.  I highly recommend her customized healing sessions that may include writing, art, dance, journaling, energy work, stress reduction, rites of passage, outdoor experiences and other unique modalities available at her dedicated center nestled in nature.  Even if you have physical or any other limitation, she will gently listen to your concerns and co-create opportunities for healing as well as personal and spiritual growth. She remains ever humble but is one of the most gifted, wise, intelligent, playful and soulful healers I have ever encountered.”

~J.A. Langley, WA

Contact me today for your free 30 min introductory Wisdom GuiDance session to find out if my service is optimal for your needs at this time.

In this session you will:

  • Gain clarity about your soul’s calling.
  • Experience new tools for artful embodiment + playful self inquiry.
  • Identify at least one powerful action step that will make an immediate positive difference in your life, work and/or art.
  • Receive an intuitive embodied art reading with valuable insights about a specific question or challenge that you are grappling with.
  • Learn about Maureen’s program that helps you to discover, navigate + sustain your next phase of embodied growth + thriving in a way that is uniquely suited to your soul’s path + true nature.


“If we’re willing to shed our skins, then layer after layer of our truth will appear anew and demand action. Aligning our ordinary life with our evolutionary divinity is a path of fire: You burn.You grow.You burn.You grow. Constantly.The only stability is our trust in the process and our intuitive awareness that Love’s very nature is to Consume and Call us Home.”

– From Red Hot and Holy by Sera Beak

“Most outstanding is how Maureen’s Mind Body + Spirit embody Wildness + this is such an inspiration because of my aspiration to be that way too. This wildness translates into striking performance and resources to offer people. Then, she is also so skilled at being organized, planning, executing + marketing and the combo of these are extraordinary because she brings this to bear with others to extract their soul’s gifts….through her coaching.
Maureen brings BIG VISION from the Universe to her work serving people. They can then access + express this greatest possible vision in their lives. That has to do with the depth of her connection to nature + wildness and depth of spiritual development as well as deep interest in the quantum universe. All of these gifts are delivered thru her deeply caring + generous heart. She really cares for and supports the people in her life with a flexible generosity that invents ways to make the support workable for all parties; temporally, financially + creatively.
Her unique gift of Butopia provides all this along with the phiysical spaces + environment where they are best offered.”

~ Christine Palafox, Boulder Health Care Provider

“Momo’s intuitive nature enables our sessions to be very effective in that she knows exactly what I need. She is encouraging with her directness and honesty and incredibly accepting of my fallible attempts to express myself – which I appreciate immensely.”

“I have been questing for many years to live more authentically – to live from my soul. Momo has let me see how this is not just a dance practice, but is a way of life and that when we can be more receptive to our inner environments as well as our outer environments on a moment to moment basis all of life becomes butoh – rich, vibrant and textured with new ways of experiencing the ordinary. Living authentically is a natural extension of this awareness.”

“We don’t live close to one another but the geographical distance is not an obstacle to continued training with her as in between my in person training, I send [updates] and practice the homework she gives me. Her feedback on the videos is invaluable.”

~ Lee Atwell, Yoga Teacher + Owner of

“I am amazed at how Maureen’s long-distance coaching feels  intimate and present.
In working with Momo, I feel strongly connected firmly-grounded self within, as well as more connected to an international community of other artists and seekers.  I highly recommend working with Maureen’s gentle but profound coaching.
Momo helped me to access strength and confidence in projects that I otherwise felt fearful to pursue.”

~ Patricia Kambitsch, Toronto Artist, Author + Educator at

“When working with Momo, I can tell she has studied and embodied somatic work for most of her life. Her knowledge on the subject is amazing, and she can bring out that knowledge at the right moment. It seems that she intuitively knows exactly what I need to work on each time we meet. While I come in slightly stuck and unsure what’s wrong, I come out with a new perspective on the problem and my life.”

~ Mike Detweiler, Dancer + Web Designer


“It was beautiful to experience butoh yesterday, I’m still integrating all of the gifts and places opening inside of myself from this work… thank you for sharing an incredible workshop experience. I’m humbled by this art and dance of life, and am really intrigued to explore butoh more in all of its forms.”

~ Jessica, Student

“You are such a treasure.”

~ Mizu Desierto, Artistic Director The Headwaters, Portland, OR