1. Lovely, cold and dark, light and warm. I couldn't help dancing with you. Thank you for the en-light-ening post.

  2. beauty-filled dear misty eve… loved seeing the blooming of the umbrella and you, the play with wind and the snow… the ancient one dancing… your dances are a soul-full joy to watch… thank you for your reflections of the eclipse and the wind… mmmmmm….

  3. i so enjoyed being on this elemental journey of a deeply precious day & night with you– with the entire world, the moon, the sun. i too kept thinking of how we were watching our own earth shadow dancing on the moon. so rare and precious. so amazing we all shared that experience! then yes, the wind, the earth, the ancient feeling of your being in the black gown, with the great big hands in the white snow….the contrast/balance there. funny how i never think of ireland as white & snowy–this was a good up shaking surprise to my stereotypes. loved the sound and feel of your partner/camera person too, his frame, footsteps and presence also feels like a ground and space to hold your journey.

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