Improvisational Contact with Stu Phillips

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Improvisational Contact Dance Retreat with Stuart Phillips

Butopia: Retreat Center for Embodied Arts in Nature  

in Freeland, Whidbey Island, WA

March 29-31, Friday 7-9pm (open to drop-in $25)

 Saturday 11-4pm, Sunday 11-4pm 

Full Retreat: $125 until 3/9/13, $150 thereafter

Exploring the Intuitional Body, Creating Relational Dance as Deep Personal Metaphor

What Am I Doing? Where Am I Going? What Is Happening Now? 

What Happens Next? Who Am I Really?

1) Entails experiential guidance into exploration that begins with where each specific participant is coming from, energetically, & traveling throughout dance duets accessing, sourcing from this intrinsic material, noticing exactly what comes out of this, how we access, where we source from.

2) Specifically bringing awareness to future choices & accessing inspirational & motivational long term choice points, ie., how we as dancers influence our choices in the moment, what is our long range focus? how we use this to create a story or long term essence vision?

3) Focusing on how we treat ourselves in the present Contact Improvisation dance. How do we tend to focus, with guidance,  on perceiving our experience in the dance as it surprisingly unravels?  How does viewing perspective of the moment inform the outcome?

4) Looking into the immediate following step, how do we view dance (& life) as remaining fresh & completely new in our improvisation? Where does our immediate future come from? How do we choose this particular arrangement? What can we get rid of in focusing on choosing next step to stay completely real all the time?

5) Where are we coming from as ci dance participants & what this says about who we are, how we experience, how dance informs & defines our experience, hence our identity, or the slipperiness of changing self definition, self identity. What all this means when defining perspective on self empowerment.

 206-855-5836,, Contact Maureen Freehill for Registration & Information on Location, Lodging, Meals, Work-Exchange, etc.

FRI EVE is Participatory CI Demo/Performance open to public.

Stu Phillips is a Professional Contact Improvisational Dance Performer and Teacher for over 25 years, teaching and performing throughout the U.S., Canada and New Zealand, also teaching and performing Improvisational Dance and Theater for 30 years throughout US. The focus is full expression, tuning to emotional and energetic reality constantly in personal flows, portraying that onto students with gentle psychic sensitivity. He is based in Oakland, California

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