Flexing, Flowering & Freedom ~ Somatic Retreat in Nature

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~~Saturday  May 26 ~ 2-5pm….BodyMind FLEXING, FLOWERING & FREEDOM 

A Mini-Retreat featuring in-depth Hanna Somatics Lesson with Novato Institute Somatic Movement Educator & Certified Personal Trainer~ Lila Browne.  (www.somaticsed.com ) ~ with Experiential Anatomy & Developmental Movement Educator Maureen Freehill, MFA.

Join us as we venture through the leading edge of somatic and scientific understanding into the inner realms of delicious sensation and creative imagination. With seasoned specialists in the ways of gentle, guided movement re-patterning; discover your own way of pain-free ease and grace in the body. Release patterns of physical, emotional and energetic trauma. First, Lila will guide an extended hands-on Hanna Somatics lesson to reset resting lengths of chronically contracted muscles and recover areas of sensory motor amnesia. This restores voluntary control of a muscular system wherein the nervous system sheds outdated limitations and creates new, more efficient patterns of movement. This is followed by ample time for free movement & meditative integration with Maureen Freehill who will guide developmental movement and experiential anatomy lessons based in principles of Biomimicry and enjoyment of our natural human embodiment in the context of a greater balanced ecology. Open to everyBODY with any kind of movement experience. Semi-private small group for plenty of personal guidance.

Contact Maureen 206 855 5836 to register and discuss various donation & work exchange options & other information.

Or, use PayPal button below to register on-line with suggested donation to Butopia of $30 by May 18 or $40 thereafter~ Thanks. 

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