Embodied Voice/Singing Body with Christa Ray

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The Embodied Voice ~ The Singing Body:  Training  with Christa Ray at Butopia  

Explore a path to Embodied Presence through excavating the full expanse of the Human Voice.

Registration for 12 Now Open~~Last year’s spaces filled fast.

September 27-30, 2013 at Butopia on Whidbey Island, WA  $200-250 for weekend training; $75 for optional full day integrative Master Class on Monday. 

You will discover:

…how to sing songs and use vocal sounding as vehicles for bringing forth and integrating hidden parts of yourself and your soul.

…how to Heal the fear of freely expressing yourself through compassionate permission and the spirit of experimentation.

…a singing method based on sensing your body, sourcing somatic and archetypal images, and cultivating trust in the raw impulses that allow you to move authentic and powerful energy through your voice.

…exercises to vastly expand the range, volume, power and qualities of your voice.

…the archetypal singing shaman within you capable of singing songs to bring nature, community and self into balance and health.

This 3 day workshop (with option for 4th day) explores Voicework as a path to healing, embodiment of the Soul and rich empowerment. Exercises and creative processes will be drawn from Voice Movement Therapy, Body Mind Centering ™,  Shamanic Voicework, Roy Hart Voicework and other expressive healing art modalities.

No vocal experience necessary, just a willingness to explore, play and let  your voice guide you!

Christa Ray, MFA, VMT has taught Voicework for 20 years. She is a professionally trained Voice Movement Therapist since 1996 and studied directly with Paul Newham, creator of Voice Movement Therapy in England. She is also a theater artist with a MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. Additionally, Christa is a energetic & shamanic sound healer and wellness educator with a private practice in Boulder.  She is dedicated to supporting people in their healing and awakening journey through helping them cultivate safety in their body-minds to allow for the full retrieval and creative expression of their soul.

Please visit Dragonfly Arts FB Page for more information on Christa Ray

Contact Maureen Freehill to register:

momo {at} butopia {dot} com  or 



This is a residential workshop/retreat starting Friday evening and ending Sunday evening, with an optional Master Class with one-one advanced training on Monday.

Christa usually charges 250 for this awesome training and has graciously agreed to offer us Early Bird registration of just 200 with 100 dollar deposit by July 10 just for us. Wow!  

After July 10 it is $250 for training.  Deposit (minus $30 process fee) is refundable up to 2 weeks prior. 

Additional $75 for deep personal integrative voicework on Monday. 

Add local lodging with water view, kitchen and bath for just $30 per night/pp. Wonderful! 

LOOK~ what past participants are saying:

I woke this morning with a feeling of elation! Wow! I can’t stop singing and making weird crazy noises, I crack myself up and start all over again 🙂 I didn’t know why I was so called to do this retreat and now I know… true bliss. I am deeply deeply touched by all at the retreat. Thank you to Christa for providing a safe environment to play in and what a treat to be doing the work on sacred land and in the most amazing space…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh –Karen Burley-Chonzena

Amazed and blessed at the growth from this workshop. I have written over 10,000 words already…I am just gushing. The dam has been blown and the river is flowing freely. How do I express my gratitude? Christa, your loving guidance took me into places I couldn’t see. You knew where I was when I didn’t. A beautiful balance of directing presence when I got stuck or stale and respect of sovereignty allowing and inviting my unique exploration and expression. –Em Alla Sevol, Olympia, WA

Thank you for this glorious, deep, rich time – I will be digesting and integrating the experience for a long time. I had a sense when i first read about Christa’s work that I would feel aligned with her work, and I feel more than confirmed in this. I come out of the experience with the core realization of how primary and healing vocal work can be. To witness each person embody their own particular resonant being was such a gift. I just want to integrate every moment into my being! And we could not have met in a more sacred and blessed location. SOMA Studio held us so gracefully, it was our sacred circle. .–Deborah Koff-Chapin, Creator of Touch Drawing

“Christa creates such a loving and safe container in which to explore the hidden potential of your own voice, body, psyche and spirit. Her workshop was packed full of information and experiences that allowed me to cultivate parts of myself with which I had been longing to connect and meet other elements of myself I had never before accessed. It was powerful beyond my expectations. I feel blessed to have met Christa and am forever changed by her unique and powerful work.” –Christina Stinchcomb

“Christa Ray is an incredible facilitator, holding a potent container for transformation. With myself and the other participants, I experienced her meeting us where we were resourced, then take us to our edge and back. She is a master at encouraging growth while nurturing the soul. If you want to experience more of yourself, connect with your inner shaman, and have a deeper understanding of the polarities within you, Christa’s workshop is the perfect place to explore and integrate an expanded version of you through voice and movement. Healing, fun, grueling, and glorious, Embodied Voice is a temple for profound awakening.”  ~KC, Boulder

“Throughout our weekend together, Christa showed great sensitivity to us each as individuals, and at the same time wove our personal materials into a coherent group process that left nobody behind. Although we each came to the workshop with different levels of voice-work experience (from the professional to the bathroom singer), Christa guided each of us in our own way to using our voices to liberate, reveal, and empower. Christa’s approach to voice work has brought me in touch with new facets of my self and my self-expression, and has opened my eyes to a profound way of working therapeutically with others. I highly recommend her as a teacher, mentor, and guide to the inner realms.”

— Anne Rust-D’Eye, third-year MA candidate, Naropa University, Somatic Psychology Department, Body Psychotherapy and Dance/Movement Therapy concentrations

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