EASTER Renewal Retreat with Philip Shepherd author of New Self ~ New World: Coming to our Senses in the 21st Century

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Join us April 18-20 for an EASTER weekend of deep renewal with

Philip Shepherd; celebrated author of New Self~New World: Coming to our Senses in the 21st Century.

WATCH VIDEO HERE NOWhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdPgtgXT4hA&feature=youtu.be


“What makes Philip Shepherd’s work unique is that it demonstrates clearly and specifically how the orientation of our thinking about the body has determined and potentially aborted our evolution…The great hope that he offers–and that has clearly inspired him through creating his masterpiece–is that the human race will wake up in time, will go on a journey into a new, vibrant, embodied wholeness of heart, mind, soul + body, and will birth in divinely-inspired sacred action, in and through divine grace, a new + far more just and harmonious world…May we all be worthy of his faith.”   ~ Andrew Harvey founder of Institute for Sacred Activism™ writing in foreword of New Self New World.

Meet Philip at Freeland Library Thurs 4/3 @ 12-12:45pm ~ by donation

Friday 4/18 Talk + Demo at Unity of Whidbey Open to Public 7-9pm                                                                         $15  (free for workshop participants)

Saturday & Sunday ~ April 19 – 20  ~ 10 am – 5pm

$275 with CEUs ~ $250 no CEUs ~  $225 Early Bird paid before March 18

We are taught from childhood that mind and body are separate. This lesson is not merely inaccurate – it has actually created our modern way of being, which is disconnected, anxious and off-balance. Our primary challenge is to grow beyond that lesson, and return

to our natural wholeness. In this intimate workshop, Philip Shepherd guides you through a series of simple and profound experiences that gently reacquaint you with the body’s warm, wakeful, reassuring presence. Along the way it provides you with tools to last a lifetime. Coming home to the body begins in friendship and ends in unity. Ultimately, it is the journey that brings you home to yourself.

Philip Shepherd is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. His provider number is 282.
This workshop provides 12 CEUs. 

Class size limited to 15.


Introduciton-PhilipShepherd-Headshot1TO REGISTER for workshop or Reserve Seat for Fri talk: Please calculate + include PayPal fee with button below or Contact Maureen to book by check. This workshop is at a nature based sanctuary + uniquely intimate, so it will fill.  ∞  Reply now to reserve your place + save. ∞  Inquiries welcomed for referrals to lovely nearby lodging + dining.  ∞  Tea + snacks will be provided. ∞  Please bring your lunch.

“What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves?”    ~Thomas Merton


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  1. I am excited to offer these tidbits of feedback from our phenomenal weekend with Philip Shepherd:
    “I told you that I would report back on the Philip Shepherd Radical Wholeness weekend. Wow. For the past 44 years, I have been studying healing with various masters, the list is way too long. Philip Shepherd is truly a master. a master of what you say? A master of Wholeness. I have taught classes for 22 of the last 44 years. I have studied and taught NeuroLinguistic Programming, Sacro Occipital Technique, BioGeometric Integration, and Observational Healing. I have received 100% from entire groups of students on my teaching evaluations. I bow down to Philip. His mastery of his craft I have not seen. what has he mastered? The art of being truly present. He doesn’t lead, he guides. He addresses the fear of his participants, and guides them into fun. He is simply amazing and I have a feeling that I have more to learn from him. I am always amazed when someone comes along who has gone into areas that no one seems to have gone into before. If you ever get a chance, attend one of his workshops. They are small, personal, and you don’t have to do anything if you don’t feel like it. It will change your life though, if you decide to go along with him. It will prove to be transformational, without the apparent manipulation that I have felt with some others. Philip is the real deal. realer than real. I am in myself in ways I have never been.”
    From one:
    “Thank you Maureen…from the bottom of my hara!
    What a transformative weekend for me. i am so glad i heeded the call from mystery and said yes! -to the weekend, to experience, to finding home in my own body. thank you for making all this possible!
    i’m really happy to be getting to know you and what you are doing over at Butopia…”
    And these “Take Aways” also from others:
    “I will take away and live with my pelvic bowl as beggar’s bowl of receptivity.”
    “I will relate to world as seaweed does responding with fluency and trust not being afraid.”
    “The words I speak now can all resonate as prayers.”
    I will soon invite an occasional supportive gathering for anyone who wishes to practice the “SAND BOX” exercises we learned to integrate them more deeply into our consciousness, lives + community.
    We look forward to Philip’s return October 17-19 2014!! Joy of joys !
    With deepest love + gratitude!
    Also from Stephen McClean:
    “I received a phone call from my dear friend and co-heart, Monte Fowler this evening. I was in the grocery store when he called, as i had just gotten out of the Philip Shepherd, Radical Wholeness playshop. Anyone who is within flyable or driveable distance from this playshop might deeply consider attending. I knew it would be good, I just didn’t know it would be that good. I am changed from the experience. Philip helped me to laugh as I released deep concern at “not getting it right”. Once I started laughing, I got it. Anything that helps me to “get it” while laughing, is my kind of transformational experience. If you wish to explore the feminine mind in a deep and meaningful way, then this is the playshop to attend. Very little theory and very much experience of the truth of one’s own being. And that was just day one. I imagine that day two ought to rock my world in new and mysterious ways. Philip Shepherd, this bud’s for you. Monte Fowler, I can’t thank you enough for being you, and calling me at almost every transformational period in my life. This second bud’s for you. I am finally beginning to trust that there are men on the planet who can be trusted. With what, i am not sure, but i trust so many more men now than I was able to in the past. Women, I trust them easily and simply. It’s a good thing to begin to find that place of trust and safety that we each have longed for. I will let you know how day two goes, but i can tell you right now, it is great.”

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