Earth in Balance

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A Secret Sanctum of Earth’s Precious Light
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~~as deep as imagination & sensation can surrender ~~

unto gravity, unto ancestors, unto the universal inevitability of loss.

On this Equinox Spring Eve of 2012…a simple solo, a duet, a trio, a quartet, a quintet, a sextet….and so on with the element of Earth in Balance.

What is it to be in between?

Above & Below~ Birth & Death ~ Light & Dark ~ Beauty & Beast ~ Desire & Surrender ~ Sound & Motion ~ Earth & Water ~ Temporal & Infinite ~ Sensed & Imagined ~ Manifest & Mysterious ~ Right & Left…..

The music & motion spontaneously emerge from soul, energy, sensation, imagination~informed by the significant presence of these rare & wise ancestors.

Thank you to the stone beings of EARTH.
Voice & Singing Bowls: Deborah Koff-Chapin

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  1. Beautiful and Moving, thank you

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