dreamBODY/earthBODY: embodied dreamtime ceremony with Antero Alli ~ JUNE 2013 @ Butopia

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ParaTheatrical ReSearch & Butopia & Evolver present  dreambody/earthbody
an embodied dreamtime ceremony
of movement & voice
with Antero Alli & Sylvi Alli
Weekend Workshop Sat & Sun June 15/16, 10am to 4pm each day
at Butopia on Whidbey Island.  $175 Early Bird paid before May 6th ~ $225 after May 6th.
(Special: One graced low-income embodied artist applicant will receive a full assistantship to attend this workshop apply here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/soundconvergencenetwork/ )
~~ For Registration, Info on Lodging & Friday Intro Session in Langley, WA &  Film screenings in Seattle~~ scroll below~~
As dreamers, we dream and we are dreamed. 
This weekend workshop focuses on creation of a dreaming ceremony using three to five movements recalled from our night dreams. In practice, this DREAM CHOREOGRAPHY opens access to the INTERNAL SUBCONSCIOUS LANDSCAPE OF EMOTION, IMAGE & POWER innate to the originating dreams–WHILE FULLY AWAKE.  Since developed by author & ritualist Antero Alli in 1986, this ritual has been executed by numerous groups and individuals towards a more CONSCIOUS EMBODIMENT OF DREAMTIME/DAYTIME CONTINUUM ~ the eternal dance of the dreambody/earthbody.
I’m having way more fun than I expected. After 35 years of dance, intense yoga practice and meditation, what a refreshing affirmation: that the goal in Antero Alli’s Paratheatre was not to transcend being human, but to fully embody it.” – Lori Salomon, yoga teacher, Mill Valley CA
For Therapists, Artists, Performers, Film Makers, Healers, Dreamworkers and Spiritual Practitioners; ceremonially opening this gateway between the worlds of Dream & Waking Life taps into a vast, rich & vital wellspring of CREATIVE ENERGY & INSPIRATION.
“Little did I know that paratheatre would lead me into the realm of the internal landscape that is infinitely filled with images, songs, knowledge, and spirit. I have not only discovered my own unique voice, but many other voices as well.” – JoJo Razor, singer/performer, Oakland CA
By FEELING THE BODY DEEPLY and cultivating internal receptivity through a technique called No-Form, we gain safe access to the oceanic wellspring of creativity in the subconscious.
“Paratheatrical work also forces us to do something of paramount importance to anybody interested in any kind of harmonious development of being: through it we feel our body deeply. This may sound like not much, but once it is done, its more profound implications become evident.” – Lapo, filmmaker, Nevada City CA
Antero and his wife, composer/singer Sylvi Alli work together to present specific ritual paratheatre and vocal methods to prepare the group for charging and discharging the dream experience.  Paratheatre is a non-performance medium that combines techniques of dance, physical theatre, Zazen meditation, and vocal creations in a RITUAL TECHNOLOGY for ACCESSING THE INTERNAL LANDSCAPE OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.  Workshop techniques include a 5-phase Physical Warm-Up, No-Form Practice, Vertical Sourcing, Conscious Projection, Sustaining Care, Polarizations, Embodied Voice and Tonal Exploration.
Participants should arrive with three to five movements recalled from their night dreams. These movements don’t have to be from the same dream just as long as they originate in your dreams, performed by your dreambody or an animal or someone else in your dream. Choose movements you can replicate after waking. The simpler the movement, the better. An example of a dream movement: you recall someone waving goodbye (the dream movement here is their waving hand).
More details on preparing your dreaming ritual at:
Special Screenings of Antero Alli Films at the Northwest Film Forum,
1515 12th Ave (Capital Hill) Seattle.  $8 admission. Filmmaker in person.
Wednesday June 12th, 8pm.
THE INVISIBLE FOREST (2008; 111 min)
Thursday June 13th, 8pm (Seattle premiere)
Antero Alli interviewed on ‘dreambody/earthbody’
More about this ParaTheater & Embodied Voice Work:
Antero founded ParaTheatrical ReSearch in 1977 as a process and workspace for exploring group ritual dynamics in performance and non-performance modalities.  This work is documented in his book, “Towards an Archeology of the Soul” (Vertical Pool, 2003) and in four videos.  Between 1975 and 2005, he wrote and directed a series of original theatrical works and since 1991,  Antero has written and directed a dozen underground films achieving high critical praise. He conducts a series of 8-week paratheatre labs in Berkeley CA where he resides with his wife of 18 years, Sylvi. More at: www.paratheatrical.com/pages/bio.html
Sylvi has scored songs & music for most of Antero’s films & theatre works since 1989.  Since 2000, she has produced five CDs of both original and traditional songs and music. As a core member of ParaTheatrical ReSearch since 1998, she has applied paratheatre methods to develop her unique Embodied Voice approach.  Sylvi teaches women’s private singing lessons and Embodied Voice workshops in Berkeley where she resides with her husband Antero.  More at: www.verticalpool.com/us.html
Butopia presents:
Presentation of ParaTheatrical Dreamwork  
with Antero Alli
author of “Towards an Archeology of the Soul”
Friday June 14th  7 to 9pm at 714 Camano Ave.   Langley WA   98260 
$10-15 donation
In this presentation, author/ritualist Antero Alli discusses the origins of a dreaming ritual he developed after meeting Aboriginie Koori elder Guboo Ted Thomas 25 years ago.  Antero’s deep background in physical theatre, or paratheatre, informed the creation of a choreography of movements recalled from dreams — a ritual dance anyone can perform that evokes a somatic experience of the power of dreaming while fully awake.  Antero will demonstrate & invite audience to join this kinetic process to open a portal between the conscious ego and the Subconscious, allowing access to greater creativity, energy, and imagery. Antero will also show clips from his paratheatre video documents “dreambody/earthbody” and explain how this process works with a group of dreamers.
This presentation introduces DREAMBODY/EARTHBODY, a weekend workshop Antero will lead with his wife, Sylvi Alli, June 15 & 16 using paratheatre methods to access and give expression to the presence and power of the dreaming.  Antero is the director/founder of ParaTheatrical ReSearch, a workspace for group ritual dynamics in Berkeley CA since 1977. He is also an independent filmmaker and the author of numerous books including “Towards an Archeology of the Soul”, “Angel Tech”, “The Vertical Oracle” (with Sylvi Alli), “The Eight-Circuit Brain”, “Astrologik” and others.
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Contact Maureen at 206 855 5836 or email ( momo at butopia dot net) for info on Lodging.
“As an actor, I found Paratheater to live more fully in my body and break old habits. I wanted to stop pushing and performing and this is where Paratheater helped me let go and trust the unknown. It’s releasing the chatter and listening to what the body has to say.”- Marianne Shine, actress, San Francisco
“Paratheatre is a vehicle which when worked at with intent and commitment can take one to places not accessible under “normal” conditions. I thank Antero Alli for his dedication to the Work.” – Julian Simeon, social worker, San Francisco
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