1. interesting weather! those air and water elements were really talking…but I noticed cameos from the other three too… :~)
    loved this dance and its energy..thank you

  2. yes def. "cameos"! i noticed that after posting.. funny 😉
    and HARMONY indeed.
    trying to comment on yours, but some reason i can't @ the moment…
    thank you!! <3

  3. Wonderful to see you dance with the wind Carolyn!! you are on the edge of the water, balancing, hanging…as a bird, perched, ready…i like this. Also when you carry the wood i see you drift with it..lovely companion. thank you Carolyn, it is good to 'meet' with you here.

  4. thank you dear carolyn… feeling the wind in you in me dancing my soul…

  5. rev – it won't let me comment on yours, either :~(

  6. yee haw! Bring it on. wooooohoooo. So lovely to dance with you today!

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