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forest path

Discover Beauty:  Relax + Embody in a secluded forest center

“It’s your little piece of heaven.” ~ Tambra Harck of Soul Interactions

Create your group + individual retreat in the sanctuary of beautiful indoor & outdoor spaces for you to move and learn. We offer a range of hosting options so you can realize the optimal experience + gathering of your dreams.

Embrace the leading edge of contemporary somatic + transformative education.

Butopia Workshop

“Maureen brings BIG VISION from the Universe to her work serving people so they can then access + express this greatest possible vision in their lives. This relates to the depth of her connection to nature + wildness and her depth of spiritual development. All of these gifts are delivered thru her deeply caring + generous heart as she cares for and supports her clients with a flexible generosity that invents ways to make the process workable for all parties; temporally, financially + creatively.
Her unique gift of Butopia provides all this along with the phiysical spaces + environment where they are best offered.”

~Christine Palafox;  Boulder Heath Care Provider + Retreat Facilitator

We love hosting and facilitating a WIDE range of conscious embodied modalities:

Get a sense of what we do and what we may create together:

Retreats range from 1-25 participants + last from 3 hrs to 4 days or more. Most are self created with Maureen’s support based on your particular needs + intentions. We have explored nature, healing +/or body-based arts including: butoh dance, continuum movement, partner fusion dance, contact improvisation, NVC training (applied marital arts), dreambody + paratheater work, nature based soul craft, marriage & ceremony crafting, embodied & shamanic voice work, sacred geometry of the body  practices, community + partner yoga, NatureMoves,  Tamalpa Life Art Process, ParaTheatrical research, aerial yoga, authentic movement, devising original performance, contemplative dance, ritual theater….and more.

Lila Retreat Hug

“The ways in which the shaman, the spiritual teacher, the therapist, the educator and the artist utilize dance as a transformative medium share the same intrinsic principles. It is the medium which interconnects body, mind & spirit, reflecting and transcending personality, history & culture.”

~Daria Halprin “Body Ensouled, Enacted & Entranced: Movement/Dance as a Transformative Art”

“From the time I inquired about teaching my first Embodied Voice/Singing Body weekend retreat at Butopia Maureen was enthusiastic, welcoming, open to possibilities and hugely supportive in helping me to manifest my dream of bringing my work outside of my home city of Boulder, CO. It was also the first time that I didn’t do all of the registration, marketing and other administration  tasks myself. It was a huge relief to be able to trust Maureen with all of the details that go into producing an event. She was organized, easy and available to communicate with and put me at ease every step of the way. I returned the following year and will be back this year! I feel I’ve grown as a facilitator especially in being able to teach to a larger number of people than I normally do. Every time I lead an Embodied Voice retreat at Butopia I feel more empowered and so grateful to have a sister who believes in what I do and can provide such a magical venue for me to give my gifts. Butopia is a place of true beauty and spiritual and creative nourishment. Maureen holds the supportive ground and the practical details with care, humor and playfulness so I can focus on my creative teaching art. That is a huge, huge GIFT!!.”

~ Christa Ray Embodied/Shamanic Voice Teacher from Boulder, CO

“My Expirience at Butopia was nothing short of wholesome, interconnected and beautiful. I attended a contact improvisation workshop, a unique and intimate way for me to explore many facets of myself and gain insight into how to be present and in my body and center throughout my life. I learned creative ways to express my WHOLE self, emotions, spirit, mind and body, and remembered many times how fun it is to be human being! The space itself, SOMA, is such a sacred structure that when I walk into it I feel a reverence in my body to be alive in such a beautiful place. Surrounded only by forest, the sounds of birds, and the smell of cedar wood, it is a wonderful place to feel grounded and nourished. I was able to stay present with myself and remain in a place of “no time”. Momo was such nurturing, present and attentive host. She had meals to share, opened her space for communal gathering and stayed present to the needs of everyone involved. Thank you Butopia and everyone who made it possible for me to attend!”

~Robyn; Seattle, WA