Butopia in Conscious Dancer Magazine

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Butopia in Conscious Dancer Magazine

In the Winter 2012 issue of Conscious Dancer Magazine, Butopia co-founder Maureen Freehill authored an article  (on pg. 11) about Dance as Activism. It featured some Flash Mob dances for the Occupy Movement in Oakland, CA; the practice of making human mandalas for personal and cultural transformation; and the embodiment and representation of wild animals (who would otherwise not have obvious voice/presence) in protest events. As non-monetary equal exchange for this piece, CD Magazine will put an ad for Butopia in the upcoming Spring issue. This is the beautiful ad that graphic designer, painter & movement artist Heather Hansen put together. The picture on top is by Architect Rex Hohlbein and the two below are by John Lorette & I. Please let us know what you think!

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  1. Wow, so beutiful, I want to go there!

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