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VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE!!  AUGUST 1-5. This cost of this all encompassing, nature-based embodied arts training has just been REDUCED by $100. 5 days of in-depth professional guidance with body, voice & soul with a vibrant community of practitioners in the beautiful Rocky Mt. foothills for just $395 including lodging! This offer is good till July 11 only and there are only 4 spaces left so please contact us today to reserve your place. We are so excited to offer this comprehensive course for teachers, performing & healing artists; activists; therapists and anyBODY who is committed to deepening his/her experience of the body & soul in communion with all life.

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For MaureenKazuo & Yoshito OhnoBUTOPIA: Pacific NW Center for Embodied Arts in Nature; View Daily Dance Videos. 

For ChristaVoice Movement TherapyGiving Voice ProductionsSomato-Respiratory IntegrationMore about Christa.

For MelindaAnna Halprin

SEA LEVEL: WilderDance 3-5 Day Intensive Residential Retreat

on the LAND with Melinda Harrison of NatureMoves

featuring Life Art Process & RSVP Dance Making Cycles
Led by Melinda Harrison of NatureMoves in Boulder, CO
Assisted by your host Maureen “momo” Freehill, MFA
 More info: 
SEA LEVEL ~ 3-5 Day WilderDance Residential Retreat @ Butopia on Whidbey Island, WA
August 23-27, 2012
Butopia: Pacific Northwest Center for Embodied Arts in Nature presents master leader & founder of Boulder-based WilderDance & NatureMoves; Melinda Harrison ( her 20th year of leading WilderDance above 11K feet; this marks her first SEA LEVEL WilderDance Retreat based on Embodied Art principles and practices of her life long mentor/collaborator Anna Halprin including RSVP Cycles of Dance Making in Nature, Daily Movement Rituals and the Life Art Process of Improvisational Performance Scores. We inhabit seaside & forest environments to co-create site specific dance/art works inspired by the ecology of a secluded natural forest sanctuary and beaches on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA. Treat yourself to this sacred time for personal growth, creativity and healing with local Organic meals by chef Carolyn, accommodations, instruction & performance all included. This retreat is for every BODY~no experience necessary~our focus this time is on FAMILY groups with various intergenerational dancers coming as couples, father/mother/daughter/sister/etc.
Limited to 12 participants~ Filling Quickly…contact us TODAY If you are interested in attending or have any questions.
Facebook Event Here:
 or more information, to apply & register TODAY
CONTACT Maureen Freehill at or 206 855 5836 to discuss our wide variety of donation & work exchange options.
EarlyBird special till July 25.


KATACHI: Sacred Geometry of the BODY 

A Butopia Mini-Retreat with Maureen Freehill, Ann Amberg
& others in the field…

SUNDAY June 10th ~~12pm-4:30pm 

This retreat is designed for people of ALL levels of non-experience, anyBODY.  Come on in~ the space is wonderful!   Love, Momo

SPECiAL NOTiCE: EarlyBird Special if registered by Friday June 1st @ 5pm …REGISTRATION/RSVP 24hr Deadline Sat June 9th @ noon
Location: Butopia Land in Freeland, WA

Description:  Sometimes referred to as “SHAPE,” there is no direct English translation for “KATACHI” which encompasses the aesthetic & philosophic essence of Design in Japanese. Join us in the SANCTUARY Of Moving Arts for a rare embodied journey into the very foundation of our evolution~as we explore the essence of shapes, colors and patterns that underly all of creation. We will be guided by profound lineages of cosmological physics (eg. Nassim Haramin, Brian Swimme), sacred art & philosopy (eg. Egyptian, Japanese Butoh, Nakota Sioux) as we engage in intermodal art cycles of drawing, collage, writing, music and movement. The serene vitality of our secluded forest sanctuary will support your adventure through inner realms of soulful sensation & imagination toward a conscious emergence in embodied harmony with our biosphere.

About Our Teachers: Maureen “Momo” Freehill, MFA is the co-founder and intuitive designer of Butopia and its off-grid, 11-sided sacred geometric SOMA~Sanctuary of Moving Arts where we will be meeting. She teaches in the dance lineage of butoh founders Kazuo & Yoshito Ohno. Her facilitation of embodied & intermodal art cycles incorporates principles essential to a day to day sustainable life of dancing freely & harmoiously with the true NATURE of human & non-human alike.
Ann Amberg, M.C.S. (Masters in Contemporary Spirituality) is a South Whidbey Island based artist, visionary and educator; a “cross pollinator” locally and globally who develops and manages integrative programs about sustainability, art, science, soul exploration and inner well being. Much of her current work is inspired by her work with evolutionary cosmologist and philosopher Dr. Brian Swimme; especially Ten Archetypal Shapes she developed based on the Powers of the Universe.  

Suggested Donation to Support the work at Butopia: $ 30 Early Registration by JUNE 1st OR… $45 After that.

Details: Please dress in layers for cool & warm, eat beforehand, bring closed top waterbottle….we will remain deep in the “zone” for most of these precious 3 hours. Stay for a short integrative social tea time following the retreat. Let us know if you would like to stay for potluck dinner as well. 

Links about this theme & event:

REGISTER by contacting Momo or w/ PayPal~~just scroll to bottom & push DONATE button~fill in amount



 ~~DiVE: An Adventure in Your Own WATERS….~~~

SUNDAY APRIL 15 11am-4pm
REGISTRATION/RSVP 24hr Deadline Satruday April 14 5pm
Early Registration discount by Sunday April 8

Location: SOMA on Butopia Land in Freeland, WA

Description: Join us in the SANCTUARY Of Moving Arts for a rare guided somatic meditation within the foundation of our flesh~the fluid body & breath. Influenced for over 30 years by the deeply embodied work of Emile Conrad and Continuum {see: };……..Martha Trolin will tenderly facilitate our somatic journey.

This movement dive at Butopia will utilize breath, sound and subtle movements to inspire personal exploration. These three primary body perturbations, coupled with keen curiosity, can act as a pebble tossed into a pond, where information takes the form of deepening and expanding ripples in the water.

Of most interest to Martha these days is are re-awakening peripheral vision, enlivening the back body and swimming into our limbless viscera fish-body. Always of deepest importance to Martha is awakening through the senses to our birthright of resonant belonging. Martha, who hails from the dry lands of New Mexico and the watery world of Port Townsend is one of the best guides I have ever experienced through the realms of your unseen inner biosphere.

About Our Teacher: Martha Trolin began her life-long interest in movement when at 10 months she somehow managed to break her leg and learn to walk in a waist-high cast. At 12, and 5’8″, her mother sent her to “dancing classes” so she might, at least, be graceful as she towered over her class mates and 6th grade male teacher. In 1975 she happened on Emily Conrad’s Continuum Movement Meditation Studio and her body- as-temple, journey home, began. Emily Conrad, Susan Harper, Hubert Godard, water, catastrophe (both small & large), boredom (both large & small) surrender and clouds have been her greatest teachers. Martha’s adventures in movement are still in full swing to this day, a number of decades hence.


~~~~~The 5 Elements in the Body Sanctuary ~~~Butoh Mini-Retreat in Nature  

SAT MARCH 31, 2012 ;  2-5pm   Join us for our once-a-moon Butoh Dance mini-retreat to explore the basic foundation of all creation: The Elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. Each element has a unique cosmology of influence and can be profoundly useful and creatively inspiring for our dances and day to day lives. Our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits can encounter balance or dis-harmony based on conditions of the elements in our consciousness. Each element corresponds to organs, emotional states, patterns of energy, rhythms of movement and states of awareness. Participants will leave with a deepened understanding of the Elements and how to effectively and freely dance with them for personal & communal transformation. We will use intermodal art cycles of movement, poetry & visual art as well as investigate commonalities and distinctions among a variety of ancient & contemporary systems that use the elements as guides & metaphors such as: Native American, Chinese Acupuncture, Celtic, Tibetan Buddhist, Ecstatic Dance Rhythms, Yogic and others.  Optional potluck and informal performance/sharing to follow the retreat 5-6:30pm.  Suggested Donation: 25 in advance 35 at door. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ELEMENTAL YOGA OF PHYLLIS MOSES  Sun Feb 19; 4-5:30pm  Yogini Phyllis Moses will offer a master class on the yogic practices of transformation and deep healing. Working with the subtle energies of body, mind, and spirit she will guide us into activating the dormant forces within the spine, using the alchemy of the yogic practices of asana, pranayama, bandhas, and meditation to integrate, embody and stabilize our practice. For this class we’ll focus on the element of Space, feeling Spaciousness within….appropriate for ALL body conditions and levels of experience. 

RSVP to attend 206 855-5836 or

Feb. 19  Sun. at 4:00 – 5:30pm  $15 suggested donation  Phyllis has taught Viniyoga for 18 years. She has studied esoteric yogic practices with some of the most profound Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Masters.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~trees_memories10~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~FRI & SAT MARCH 2 & 3

Contact Improvisation As Healing Art: Workshop & Performance with Stu Philips

CI Performance/Beginning Demo & Lesson Friday March 2; 6:30-8:30pm  Workshop Saturday March 3 11-4pm

Workshop consists of methods of being, particularly with self, and extending those out when “interacting” with others, by deconstructing, undermining and bypassing easily our usual or known mental and physical patterns, and allowing our true/real raw emotional energy to transform our dance movement, as well as ourselves, through behaviorally articulating who we are in aligning with how we are, perfectly.

Stu will lead an introduction with performance and participatory elements for anyBODY on Friday evening. Saturday’s workshop will go into depth researching and practicing the healing potentials of the art of Contact Improvisation: dancing in physical (and other means of) contact with others.

Stu Phillips is a Professional Contact Improvisational Dance Performer and Teacher of more than 24 years, teaching and performing throughout the U.S., Canada and New Zealand, also teaching and performing Improvisational Dance and Theater for 30 years throughout US.  The focus is full expression, tuning to emotional and energetic reality constantly in personal flows, portraying that onto students with gentle psychic sensitivity. He is based in Eugene, Oregon. Suggested Donation: 10-15 (at door) dollars for Friday~ 50-60 (at door) dollars for Saturday/Work Exchange also available. 

Hope to see you at Butopia soon….till then~~Dance Freely!! 


Butoh Mini-Retreat in Nature: Dream Dances ~
Location: SOMA @ Butopia in Freeland, WA
Date: SAT January 28, 2012  2-5pm PST
Description: MomoButoh presents “Once-a-Moon Butoh Mini-Retreat in Nature” facilitated by Maureen Momo Freehill, MFA at the newly opened SOMA (Sanctuary of Moving Arts) in Freeland, WA. This month’s theme is Dream Dances. We will delve into the Embodied realm of DREAMS of the night and day and our heart’s deepest callings. We use a range of Embodied Arts tools including Scoreography with cycles of Movement, Drawing and Word/Poetry. We will stimulate meaningful sensation and activate imagination to craft dances based on our personal and collective DREAMS. This retreat will assist our MomoButoh Dance Company project for Jan/Feb to enter one another’s dreamscapes, dance and exchange with one another there. 2-5 pm will be the work, 5-6:30pm will an optional potluck meal to converse socially and make merry.

Contact Momo for info and pre-registration. 25 suggested in advance 35 at door….or just scroll down to REGISTER with PayPal in form below photo.

  • On 11/11/11 Butopia OPENED with a ceremony in the 11-sided sacred geometric SOMA~ Sanctuary of Moving Arts.
  • On 12/17/11 Butopia hosted its first Guest Artists in Residence: The YES Tribe from Colorado; offering an enchanting evening of Human Mandala YOGA (2-5pm); a potluck discussion of all things cosmic & embodied (5-7pm) and an Ignite EnLIght Activation Wave/Rave (7-11pm).  All very affordable at $10-25 suggested donation to support YES Tribe on tour. See beautiful images from this event here.
  • On 12/21/11 Butopia hosts and OPEN HOUSE at SOMA from noon-10pm. Performance, Dance, Ritual, Play, Live Music, Food, Connection….Freely! Contact Maureen Freehill for more information.
  • On 12/31/11 Butopia hosted Celebrate a Cycle Around the Sun!!  MomoButoh Dance Mini-Retreat in Nature from 2-5pm with optional community & birthday potluck & performance 5-6:30 pm and dancing in the New Year with our favorite Local Heroes Band. Suggested donation $25-35. Contact Maureen Freehill  for more information….or just REGISTER with PayPal deposit in form below photo.

    ~ BUTOPIA ~Center for Embodied Arts & St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Presented: “Living Without Money”~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Film  •  Give-Away  •  Conversation  (about the emerging local economy!)   Sunday, February 12th  ~  2 – 4 p.m.   St. Peter’s Lutheran Church 6309 Wilson Place, Clinton

    ~ First 100 Guests Admitted Free!~ Attendees encouraged to commit to 1-2 hrs volunteer time, to aid local service organizations in need!~ Bring Goods & Services to GIVE AWAY!

    The Screening of Living Without Money will be followed by a rousing discussion about the emerging gift economy and barter/exchange of goods & services as well as info about local opportunities to make a difference with 1-2 hrs of your volunteer time.

    Click here to view the trailer:

    SHARE this Facebook event:

    For more information, contact St. Peters at:  360) 341-4715 Or Maureen “momo” Freehill at:  (206) 855-5836

    And, FOR SEATTLE DWELLERS: ON SAT FEB 11 Butopia will be hosting the film “Living Without Money” ( along with a really sweet band DREAMHOUSEPLAYS from southern california ( on Capitol Hill at the Beery’s place (1419 19th near E. Union). 

    That is 6-10pm on Feb 11. Free Party!  Begin with potluck @6, movie @7, discussion/freecycle @8, band @ 9. 

    Freecycle barter exchange of goods/services encouraged. 
    “LIVING WITHOUT MONEY” Summary (52 minutes, directed by Line Halvorsen)

    Is it possible to feel rich without possessions? Can you live happily without money? In the documentary Living Without Money, we meet the German woman Heidemarie Schwermer (68) who made a deliberate choice to live without money 14 years ago. One day she cancelled her flat, donated all of her belongings and started a new life based on exchanging favors – without the use of money. The experiences she made totally changed her outlook on life. Today she is living an interesting and adventurous life, which is very much related to living in the moment without worrying about the future. She is constantly on the move and always trying to help others find their path towards a more simple and harmonic life. The reactions against her are many and various. While some get angry and call her a parasite, others think she is a visionary and a great source of inspiration. The film reflects around themes of materialism and over-consumption – how money influences our way of thinking, living and acting – and the consequences this has on our life, health, and the environment.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Essential Embodied Arts Training on the LAND ~ NatureMoves with Melinda Harrison + Maureen Momo Freehill ~ July 20-24, 2017

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JOIN US us for our annual  ESSENTIAL EMBODIED ARTS TRAINING (EEAT) July 20-24, 2017 In the heART of the Colorado Rocky Mountains!      Summer 2017 EEAT on the Land registration is now open!! Are you called to immerse in the wild beauty of the Rocky Mountains? Does dancing, singing, drawing and being intimately supported to create new myths to live by quicken your heart? EEAT is the foundation training for the full series of wilderness art programs sponsored by NatureMoves and Butopia; offered by Artistic Directors Melinda Harrison and...

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Sustainable Body: Nourishing Continuum Voyage through the Senses Feb 17-19, 2017

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Sustainable Body: Nourishing Continuum Voyage through the Senses with Patricia Adamik on beautiful Whidbey Island, WA February 17-19 , Friday 6:30-9pm (Participatory and open to public at Unity of Whidbey $15-20) Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm Full Fri-Sun Retreat: $222 until 1/9/17, $277 thereafter MONDAY Option: Add Semi-Private Integration Session 11am-4pm : $77 “The primary characteristic of any fluid system is its ability to keep transforming itself.”  ~ Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement What does it mean to...

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Alchemy Spinning: Journey to the Core with Raquel Boluda ~ Sept. 9-11

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ALCHEMY SPINNING: Journey to the Core With Raquel Boluda from Spain and Bay Area California *Experience an expanded state of consciousness. **Unleash your creativity and your artistic expression ****Discover your own true power to heal your life *****Become more aware, present and embodied *******Awaken joy, inner peace, and compassion towards self and others….these are what you can expect from attending an Alchemy Spinning intesive with founder Raquel Beluda. Workshop includes dance-movement, yoga, breath work, mindfulness meditation...

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Womb Wisdom: Power of Shakti Weekend with Anaelle Garcia

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WOMB WISDOM: Power of Shakti  Weekend with Anaelle Garcia  FRIDAY July 15,   7-9pm SAT/SUN July 16 + 17,   9am -5pm Are you ready to fully embody the truth of who you are? To embody the soulful, sensual, loving, Shakti filled woman or man that is your birthright? If so, you are invited to take a deeply soulful, enlivening, loving journey into the 18 pathways of the Shakti Circuit and experience the 7 gates or magnetic pathways that lead into your sacred womb/hara space. (SCROLL DOWN FOR REGISTRATION DETAILS and TESTIMONIALS from Past...

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Essential Embodied Arts Training on the LAND ~ NatureMoves with Melinda Harrison + Maureen Momo Freehill ~ August 11-15, 2016

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JOIN US us for our annual  ESSENTIAL EMBODIED ARTS TRAINING (EEAT) August 11-15, 2016 In the heART of the Colorado Rocky Mountains!      Next Summer’s 2016 EEAT on the Land registration is now open!! Are you called to immerse in the wild beauty of the Rocky Mountains? Does dancing, singing, drawing and being intimately supported to share stories and create new myths to live by quicken your heart? EEAT is the foundation training for the full series of wilderness art programs sponsored by NatureMoves and Butopia; offered in Beauty...

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Momo on Tour 2015 ~ An Embodied Adventure with the Landscape

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In 2015, I toured, adventured and danced in more diverse global locations than ever before, given a similar time frame. The pace, variety and distances have been both intense and fulfilling while my experience has been more relaxed and open than ever as well.  Upon returning home to Butopia, I find myself diving deeper still into THIS ground and my own inner being as well…holding all the shifting in foreground within a vast silence. For those who want to see, hear, know a bit more about my body + soul voyaging these past 10 moons I...

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Opening the Door to NEW Energies of 2016 with Lauren Hutton

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January 7th – 10th, 2016 –  Mini & Full Workshops with New Energy Creator Lauren Hutton  OPENING THE DOOR TO THE NEW ENERGIES OF 2016 EXPAND. STEP INTO YOUR CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY. CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!  Saturday January 9, 2016 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. For many awakened souls, 2016 is energetically looming large and holds the promise of an entire new way of being. The old ways and patterns that lost their luster months or even years ago are thankfully giving way to the New Energy we can see, feel and know is on the horizon. For...

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The Embodied Voice and Singing Shaman Retreat with Christa Ray ~ Oct 2-4, 2015

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A weekend training exploring a path to embodied Presence through excavating the full expanse of the human voice. OCTOBER 2-4, 2015 DISCOVER…how to sing songs and use vocal sounding as vehicles for bringing forth and integrating hidden parts of yourself and your soul.  …LEARN….A singing method based on sensing your body, sourcing somatic and archetypal images, and cultivating trust in the raw impulses that allow you to move authentic and powerful energy through your voice.  ..EXPLORE….Exercises to vastly expand the...

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WILD Tame WILD Contact Improvisation on the Land with Brad Stoller + Katherine Cook

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WILD/Tame/WILD ~ SEPT 18- 20 Contact Improvisation on the LAND with Brad Stoller + Katherine Cook  A natural evolution in our dancing that embraces the shifting terrain from comfort to the unknown and back. As we grow as dancers, the world of the known expands and things that were wild become tamed and we seek the next mystery or adventure. Being informed by nature forms us, stretches us beyond our walls and opens us to untapped potential. Returning to the walls of our studio integrates and soothes us from which we can reach out and explore...

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Essential Embodied Arts Training (EEAT) ~ NatureMoves with Melinda Harrison, Christa Ray + Maureen Momo Freehill ~ Aug 13-17, 2015

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JUST THREE (3) SPACES LEFT to JOIN US us for our annual  ESSENTIAL EMBODIED ARTS TRAINING (EEAT) In the heART of the Colorado Rocky Mountains! This Summer’s 2015 EEAT on the Land registration is now open!! Are you called to immerse in the wild beauty of the Rocky Mountains? Does dancing, singing, drawing and being intimately supported to share stories and create new myths to live by quicken your heart? EEAT is the foundation training for the full series of wilderness art programs offered by NatureMoves In Beauty, Melinda, Maureen,...

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