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Feeling Good: A day of Centering BodyMind with Douglas MacKenzie

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This Event has been POSTPONED till a Later DATE….please inquire if interested in attending. fibonacciSpiralALOE

Join our exploration with an expert guide for Developmental Movement and Experiential Anatomy of Body-Mind Centering® in a supportive environment that encourages self discovery.

Through comfortably guided somatic meditations, you will dive into the imagination that arises from sensation, unravel your outdated habits, and discover ease in motion.

By exploring the patterns of our earliest movement–from conception through the first year of life and into walking– you can renegotiate limiting habits, recover the freedom of motion that is your birthright, and arrive, skillfully embodied in the present.

Simultaneously you will investigate how our dynamic anatomical systems (bones, muscles, organs, glands, fluids, nerves) coordinate and integrate the physical foundations of our awareness, to reveal the innocent wholeness of our inherent genius.

BMC is applied in fields or performance, dance, acting, singing, music, healing, fine arts, bodywork, sports, therapy + medicine– anywhere it serves us to expand our palate of movement and enjoy how it feels to be embodied.
Read more about benefits of Body-Mind Centering and Developmental Movement here:

Three 2-hour guided segments with two one-hour breaks.
10-12 segment one – fluid systems
12-1pm time for nourishment
1-3 segment two – nervous system
3-4pm time for integration and being on land
4pm-6pm – skeletal + muscular system

$90 if registered and paid by May 20
$125 if after May 20

Call Maureen Momo at 206 855 5836 or PM thru FB for instructions.

Douglas MacKenzie ~
is a Craniosacral Therapist, a Certified Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering®, a Registered Movement Therapist, and instructor of Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®. He has worked 20 years in private practice, and clinically for 12 years as a Movement Therapist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, where he also trained staff therapists. He graduated from Wesleyan University and the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. Doug draws from his study of Viniyoga, Chi K’ung, Acutonics, World Music, Falconry, and Movement Improvisation. His gentle work benefits infants and elders; those who suffer chronic/acute injury or various complex syndromes; and professional athletes, dancers, and musicians.

We’ll gather for practice in an exquisite hand crafted sacred-geometry movement sanctuary that is also a sound tabernacle. The space is surrounded by many acres of trees and entirely secluded from other human made structures. Nearby beaches and forest trails as well as cafes and markets are available for your enjoyment as well.
Please plan to catch a 9am ferry from Mukilteo to Clinton at the latest if you are joining us from off island. Directions to location provided upon registration.

Maureen Momo Freehill​ 206 855 5836 or PM here on FB

Brave New Contact ~ The Improvisation of Intimacy with Stu Phillips + Dr. Jessica Tartaro PhD

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“BRAVE NEW CONTACT” ~~ a WEEKEND IMMERSION of THERAPEUTIC DANCE + INTIMACY                                  with Stu Phillips and Dr. Jessica Tartaro


~ FRI March 27 7-9:30pm ~ featuring live performance by instructors

~ SAT March 28 10am – 5pm
~ SUN March 29 10am – 5pm
Optional Sat Eve Potluck + Community Play

CONTACT IMPROVISATION is a generous, playful, partnered dance practice. If we ask of it, it will reveal everything we need to know about our relationship to connection, intimacy and love itself! In this extended deep dive weekend, join expert instructors Stu Phillips and Dr. Jessica Tartaro in this safe and sacred container to explore contact improvisation as a mirror to how we show up with others, and a resource for changing our patterns to have the intimacy we most desire.

>> Doesn’t that sound more fun than hours of couples therapy talking our way to into connection?? <<

During this weekend immersion, take the opportunity use words less and let your body do the revealing.

How do you show up?
For many, we face a relationship dilemma: at once, we feel a deep yearning for more connection, while at the same time, a deep fear of the very vulnerability we crave, which keeps us from asking for it! How do we shift this cycle?

In this workshop you will….

* Learn simple, gentle, partnered practices to explore how you show up in relationship to others–movement as mirror!
* Heighten movement awareness to reveal and move from your “body intuition” no matter your skill level; staying honest with self and others – a key to healthy relating.
* Explore responding to your own and others’ resistance to connection with acceptance, play and creativity.
* Cultivate verbal and non-verbal tools to expand your capacity to stay connected in intimacy, in all areas of your life

Together we will explore movement, reflection and community witness to understand the power of vulnerability and what blocks the connections we desire. Because we all have this desire in common. But sometimes our words and fears just get in the way!

Participants will discover initiating movement from their own centers of desire, shifting tendencies for “co-dependence” into playful interdependent creativity and welcoming the sometimes uncertain, even “messy” parts of relationship into our dances.

We hope you will attend this special weekend of healing through the moving arts, with courageous deep dives into connection along with joyous celebration of dancing freely in the field of our common humanity.

Limited to 14 participants.

whidbey image bare 2Stu Phillips, now from California Bay Area brings almost 30 years experience with Contact Improvisation as a grounded spiritual icon of the form, integrating personal experiential knowledge into offering gentle psychological/emotional healing through unraveling our demons. He grounds into interactive dance as strongly improvisational, the basis for his work being: what we feel motivates how we deal.

10806284_10152919140789801_8332257514545740335_nJessica Tartaro, PhD, is a dancing psychologist and skilled facilitator. She has brought her magic to ecstatic dance communities in Phoenix, Oakland, Austin. She now resides in Dallas, where she maintains a private psychotherapy, intimacy coaching and dance education practice. Jessica has studied contact improvisation on both coasts as well as in Austin, and teaches the psychology of healthy relationships through the principles of contact improvisation.

Stu & Jessica look forward to joining forces for the first time to merge their common passion for learning about self through relationship in movement.

FEE: $180 Early Bird Paid by V-Day Feb 14 ~ With a Beloved just $320 for 2 ~~ SAVE $100!!

$225 Regular Fee after V-Day ~ With a Beloved $420 for 2


Lodging options available: $30/night (limited to 3 couples and 2- 4 singles with full bath, kitchen, bed and living area with sunset water view). Other lodging through Air BnB and local motels or B+Bs. Camp or sleep on floor rustic style in studio (no kitchen – outdoor privy) $15/night

Contact Maureen Momo by clicking HERE use contact form below or  206 855 5836 

for more info and To RESERVE your space today!

Limited to 14 participants.

PayPal option available on request


Radical Wholeness Weekend with Philip Shepherd author of New Self, New World ~ Oct 17-19, 2014

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Radical WholenessJoin master teacher of the journey of getting IN TOUCH with the WORLD through the BELLY BRAIN…Read all about it here in The Sun Magazine:


Dates – October 17  ~~ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

AND October 18, 2014 – October 19, 2014
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

“What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves?”  Thomas Merton

We are taught from childhood that mind and body are separate. This lesson is not merely inaccurate – it has created a way of being that is disconnected, anxious and off-balance. Our primary challenge is to recover the harmony of our being. Philip has gained an international reputation as a teacher whose original techniques enable people to reunite their conscious thinking with the deep-dwelling intelligence of the body, and to do so in a way that grounds us in the present, and gently opens a door to the experience of wholeness.  In the process, he provides tools to last a lifetime.

Class size limited to 16.   $295 with CEUs  $295 without CEUs

For REGISTRATION and more info on lodging, transport, etc  Call 206 855 5836 or go to

Videos of Philip and his work live + with Andrew Harvey ~~



The Embodied Voice and Shamanic Singing Retreat with Christa Ray

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SEPTEMBER 26-29, 2014….DISCOVER…how to sing songs and use vocal sounding as vehicles for bringing forth and integrating hidden parts of yourself and your soul

ChristaEchoArms…A singing method based on sensing your body, sourcing somatic and archetypal images, and cultivating trust in the raw impulses that allow you to move authentic and powerful energy through your voice.

 …Exercises to vastly expand the range, volume, power and qualities of your voice.

TRANSFORM …fear of freely expressing yourself through compassionate permission and the spirit of experimentation. 

AWAKEN…the archetypal singing shaman within you capable of singing songs to bring nature, community and self into balance and health. 

This weekend workshop explores Voicework as a path to healing, embodiment of the Soul and rich empowerment.  Exercises and creative processes will be drawn from Voice Movement Therapy, Body Mind Centering ™, Roy Hart Voicework and other expressive healing art modalities. This is an invaluable training for performers, speakers, singers, therapists and adults interested in embodied vocal presence.

No vocal experience necessary, just a willingness to explore, play and let your voice guide you!

Christa Ray, MFA, VMT has taught Voicework for 20 years. She is a professionally trained Voice Movement Therapist since 1996 and studied directly with Paul Newham, creator of Voice Movement Therapy in England. She is also a theater artist with a MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. Additionally, Christa is an energetic sound healer and wellness educator with a private practice in Boulder.  She is dedicated to supporting people in their healing and awakening journey through helping them cultivate safety in their body-minds to allow for the full retrieval and creative expression of their soul.

To learn about Voice Movement Therapy go to

TO REGISTER or for Lodging or other Logistics information:

Please CONTACT Maureen Freehill  at  206-855-5836 or HERE or PayPal Link below–include PayPal fees.

This workshop/retreat starts Friday evening and ending Sunday evening SEPT 26-28. It is limited to 14 participants; with an optional Master Class on Monday SEPT 29.

Early Bird Discount: $225 until 8/1; Full Tuition: $250.

Monday Sept 29th Master Class limited to 6 participants: $75



Body of Breath ~ Nature of Sound: Journey into Landscape Within + Without ~ Jamie McHugh on JULY 12, 2014

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Sea Ranch

Body of Breath, Nature of Sound: Journeys into the Landscape Within and Without

With Jamie McHugh, RSMT, MA

July 12, 2014 

10:30 am – 9:30 pm

$150 – includes catered dinner – before June 15; $180 after  

Save $30….EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT EXTENDED till June 15th!!

 “Our breath is our way of exchanging ourselves with the world. We breathe the world in and we breathe ourselves out into the world; it is a constant relationship which goes on mostly unconsciously. The use of the voice is one way in which this becomes conscious.” – Jill Purce

Breathing is the core movement of your body – the primary way life moves inside you. Vocalization is the exhale made audible with vibration – the first way your nature is expressed outwards. Both are complementary technologies for movement integration, somatic self-regulation and personal evolution.

In this daylong retreat, we will explore various breath and vocalization configurations as a developmental foundation for enlivening the body and quieting the mind. Alternating between somatic stillness, voice and movement meditations, and sensory awareness practices, we dive deeply into the landscape of the soma. This inward moving and returning home is accompanied by a creative roadmap for bringing you out into relationship with the world. Traversing the spectrum from the contemplative to the expressive, and exploring this dynamic range, will offer many choices for embodied expression.

This integrative approach to the soma and its expression will be of interest to therapists, yoga and dance/movement teachers of all types, as well as people on the path of sustainable embodiment. For more information about this work, click here.

Jamie McHugh, RSMT, MA is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, dancer and a fine art photographer. He is the creator of Somatic Expression®, an ecological approach to embodiment through the somatic-expressive arts. Various teachers have inspired his work, including Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Emilie Conrad, Anna Halprin and Thich Nhat Hahn. Jamie has been teaching movement-based work since 1978, presenting seminars worldwide at universities, clinics, studios, and training centers. Jamie currently lives in Olympia, WA and has just completed his first book: “Restoring Original Grace: Movement as Medicine”. 

Jamie photo by Hilary Nichols

photo of landscape by Jamie McHugh, photo of Jamie by Hilary Nichols

Essential Embodied Arts Training 2015 ~ EEAT on the Land

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In the heART of the Colorado Rocky Mountains!
Our Summer 2015 EEAT on the Land is now open!!
Are you called to immerse in the wild beauty of the Rocky Mountains?
Does dancing, singing, drawing and being intimately supported to share stories and create new myths to live by quicken your heart?
EEAT is the foundation training for the full series of wilderness art programs offered by NatureMoves
Professional Intermodal Expressive Arts training with Movement, Scoreography, Voice and Journeying on the LAND as our primary resources.  

Our Expert Professional Instructors in 3 Leading Embodied Arts Lineages:

Melinda Harrison, LifeArt Process of Tamalpa Institute and Anna Halprin.
Maureen Momo Freehill, The Present Movement™ and Butoh of Kazuo Ohno 
Christa Ray, Voice Movement Therapy of Paul Newham and Shamanic Singing 
Our Environment:
A beautiful retreat center on 15 acres of wild +secluded land @ 7000 ft altitude of Rocky Mountain Foothills near Boulder, CO. 
Our Timing: 
5 days of training, 4 nights camping, 3 dinners + 4 breakfasts included in fee.
August 13th-17th 2015

Our Gift: 
NatureMoves Free Intro Sessions on the EEAT Lands in Boulder Foothills:
 Sunday April 26th 2-4 pm &
 Thursday July 2nd 6-8 pm @ East Vista Space for Dance 
Our Fee: 
$400 in total until May 1st, 2015
$450 in total thereafter
Limited to 12 participants by rolling applications – last year’s training filled fast.
Payment in full at time of acceptance.

Our Refund Policy: Full refund minus $50 admin fee until June 13th
Half refund minus $50 admin fee until July 31
No refund after Aug 1st 
Maureen Freehill with questions and to apply 206 855 5836 or
Melinda Harrison to RSVP to Free Intros on Land 303-442-3026  or 720-272-9957
We attend classes in each of the modalities, we have private sessions with each of the guides, we create personal performances (“scores”) on the 15 stunning acres of secluded wild land, we journey into a variety of landscapes that engage the full range of our true nature and expressive capacity.

We embody and share our Unique Soul Essences with one another to experience the profound gift of community; being seen and heard with love, acceptance and celebration.

Participants share a love of self expression as a means of living and growing together. We bring our art making into our daily living and the culinary nourishing arts as well, feeding our bodies and souls with delicious group created meals.
IMG_1123Dwelling and dancing together and alone on the Land in synchrony with natural rhythms and great abundance of sensual delights and inspiration. 
All three EEAT modalities have powerful applications in the fields of arts, therapy, healthcare, performance projects, nature education, stress reduction, coaching and more.
The intention of EEAT is to offer intensive in-depth training that gives you a strong foundation upon which to integrate these expressive arts processes into your artistic +/or professional work as well as continue on to the advanced courses of NatureMoves.
 WilderDance Retreat at High Altitude Hut in Rockies
July 17-19  Contact Jeanne Brisson for more info 303 495 2725
WilderDance Green River Canoe Trip in Utah
 ~ Sept 17-22   FULL!!
More info at


Mandala Dance of the 21 Taras ~ Retreat with Phyllis Moses ~ May 16-18

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 The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara ~

A Weekend Retreat & Dance Offering with Phyllis Moses


Fri. May 16 6:30 – 9 pm  Open to all.

Sat. May 17  10am- 6pm

Sun. May 18 at 11 – 6 pm  Public Offering at 5 pm


FRI + SUN Public Dance Offering at Island Dance Theater 714 Camano Ave. Langley, WA

SAT + SUN Retreat held at beautiful, forested sanctuary on S. Whidbey in Freeland

Program Description:

The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara is a movement meditation. It is a non-sectarian practice based on a traditional Tibetan text in which Tara’s 21 aspects are praised for the purpose of sending the blessings and healing of each of the qualities to all beings, as well as embodying these qualities as the dancer. In this workshop, the dancers are led into a mandala of dance and instructed in the subtlety of sacred movement and mudra. We learn the philosophy, meditations, and visualizations experientially as we sing and dance together. At the end, the dancers are adorned with the silk and jewel costumes (provided) and dance for the community in a an offering ritual.

No dance experience is necessary.

Pricing Info:

3 day workshop $145 EarlyBird by April 16 – $165.

Fri. evening only – $15. Sun. public offering -$10.

To dance in the public offering, you must attend all 3 days.

TO REGISTER: Contact Maureen HERE or Call  (206) 855-5836

Phyllis Moses has been dancing Tara for more than 21 years, and lived on Maui where the dance first began over 27 years ago. She loves to facilitate offering the dance so that many people can benefit and be uplifted and transformed by this joyous dance!

For more info see

EASTER Renewal Retreat with Philip Shepherd author of New Self ~ New World: Coming to our Senses in the 21st Century

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Join us April 18-20 for an EASTER weekend of deep renewal with

Philip Shepherd; celebrated author of New Self~New World: Coming to our Senses in the 21st Century.



“What makes Philip Shepherd’s work unique is that it demonstrates clearly and specifically how the orientation of our thinking about the body has determined and potentially aborted our evolution…The great hope that he offers–and that has clearly inspired him through creating his masterpiece–is that the human race will wake up in time, will go on a journey into a new, vibrant, embodied wholeness of heart, mind, soul + body, and will birth in divinely-inspired sacred action, in and through divine grace, a new + far more just and harmonious world…May we all be worthy of his faith.”   ~ Andrew Harvey founder of Institute for Sacred Activism™ writing in foreword of New Self New World.

Meet Philip at Freeland Library Thurs 4/3 @ 12-12:45pm ~ by donation

Friday 4/18 Talk + Demo at Unity of Whidbey Open to Public 7-9pm                                                                         $15  (free for workshop participants)

Saturday & Sunday ~ April 19 – 20  ~ 10 am – 5pm

$275 with CEUs ~ $250 no CEUs ~  $225 Early Bird paid before March 18

We are taught from childhood that mind and body are separate. This lesson is not merely inaccurate – it has actually created our modern way of being, which is disconnected, anxious and off-balance. Our primary challenge is to grow beyond that lesson, and return

to our natural wholeness. In this intimate workshop, Philip Shepherd guides you through a series of simple and profound experiences that gently reacquaint you with the body’s warm, wakeful, reassuring presence. Along the way it provides you with tools to last a lifetime. Coming home to the body begins in friendship and ends in unity. Ultimately, it is the journey that brings you home to yourself.

Philip Shepherd is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. His provider number is 282.
This workshop provides 12 CEUs. 

Class size limited to 15.


Introduciton-PhilipShepherd-Headshot1TO REGISTER for workshop or Reserve Seat for Fri talk: Please calculate + include PayPal fee with button below or Contact Maureen to book by check. This workshop is at a nature based sanctuary + uniquely intimate, so it will fill.  ∞  Reply now to reserve your place + save. ∞  Inquiries welcomed for referrals to lovely nearby lodging + dining.  ∞  Tea + snacks will be provided. ∞  Please bring your lunch.

“What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves?”    ~Thomas Merton


Winter + Spring WonderLand at Butopia

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horse-beach In the PresentMovement of NOW the New Year of the Horse trots into an open-field of energetic, prosperous + graceful possibility.

Are you ready to ride freely into the creation of your dreams come true? 

Are you ready to let the horse of your body + soul divinely transport your BEING? 

Are you ready to allow the blossoms of your brilliant true nature be revealed by your RADIANT + fully embodied presence? 

What does 2014 hold for you?

We offer the following gifts + invitation: