1. beauteous… so much 'rootedness' and 'readiness' and grace… thank you for expressing your gratitude to wood in such an inspiring way from the fertile forest of your heart…

  2. love the comparison to doors- wood- cracks allowing the light in on our journey 🙂 mmhmm.
    thank you

  3. Ah, such a nimble, lively tree you are!! vital and free flowing with the energies that pass through….this is very good and inspiring to see…..has me longing to dance with you…..in person too!

  4. Oh my how beautiful soft and lively. I've been thinking a lot about cracks in doors and the light that is let in when the room is dark. This time of year when it's still so dark for so long and this time of history when darkness is seems oppressive overbearing and overwhealming, dances like yours create that break in the darkness and let in that crack of light. Thank you for this beauty and for the light. (and I too danced with wood on this last day of the year)

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