7th Annual 11/11 Butoh Ritual with Spawning Salmon @ Mile 11 Hwy 11 @11:11am

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Donation to 11/11 Salmon Re-Story-ation Project

MomoButoh Dance Co & Butopia present: 
7th Annual Butoh Ritual with Spawning Salmon at Mile 11 Hwy 11 on 11/11/13 @11:11am
Open to all who wish to participate as artists or witnesses; near or far. We will co-create this butoh ritual re-story-ation & honoring of the salmon life/death cycle and how we are all inextricably connected. This year we focus on paying homage to the human created death & injury to the cycle-including salmon predators like Orca, Sea Lion, Bear & Eagle-especially from nuclear radiation & coal/oil transport.
Free Butoh Ritual sChoreography workshop for those who wish to perform on Sunday 11/10.
Potluck feast at end of performance.
All attending as witness & performers must register in advance.
Donations always welcome to Oyster Creek Salmon Re-Story-ation Project. PayPal button above. Thank you!!
Contact Maureen Momo Freehill for info or registration at 206 855 5836 or here .
Preview video, blog article & images from 11/11/10 event HERE. Including performers Deborah Koff-Chapin, Melinda & David Harrison of NatureMoves & Tamalpa Institute, Evan Foster & others.
Photo Gallery below from 11/11/12  At 6th annual event dancers included: Lee Atwell, Maureen Momo Freehill, Suzanne Hyde, Alissa Daschbach, Gabriel Lukeris, Art Laliberte, Kat, Carolyn Boucher, Andreas Kolshorn. Photos by John. Host: Susan Elizabeth.

MomoButoh Ritual with Spawning Salmon


Falling Leaves Break From Tree


Leaves & Salmon Decay


Salmon Fry Eat & Play


Salmon Confront Man's Obstacles to Life


Calling Beyond Obstacles


Salmon Crossing Obstacles

Salmon Struggle with The Net


SilverSalmon Swim Freely

Salmon Swim Freely in Sea


Offering Gratitude at Shoreline

As One Body At Edge


11-11 Offering


Into Cold Sea


Closing Ritual



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  1. One of the most amazing rituals I’ve ever been witness to and a part of. Truly Magical Time Space Weather Warp and commitment to salmon by Momo who is part salmon!
    My Blessings to all you Salmon Folks this year! melinda

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